Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CNY cookies ❀

Chinese New Year is coming like so soon!!! 
This year would be the year of rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac. I hope it will be a better year for everyone.*hopefully*

Dunno what has inspired me to bake cookies for CNY. Ohh! Yaya, i remembered. Mr. Yorath loves to eat flower custard cookies. I stopped him from buying the cookies from Pasar Malam since i know it's so much expensive then making it myself. I promised him i will bake for him *and friends*.

I know this seem like once upon a time to him. I seldom *like never, got larh!* hoop in the kitchen and cook or bake something for him. *lazy bummie* 

 list out all the ingredients *ignore the poor handwriting* >.<"

hunting for the ingredients *the lazy bummie look*

eggs ☑       corn flour ☑       custard flour ☑     plain flour ☑      icing sugar ☑      vanilla essence

 and butter cubes *yaya, i bought from Giant =.=" *

okay, done with the ingredients. the tools i need for measuring, and shaping.
flour sifter, various size of measuring cups, and the  flower-shape pumper *dunno what its exact name* lol. 

Okay, start the procedures: 
 *Welcome to Candy's Kitchen post, probably covered with lotsa spider webs* stop the craps >.<" 

1. cracks 4 eggs and pick up the egg yolks because we only need egg yolks for this cookies recipe. U can use the leftover egg whites for milk scramble egg.

2. mix 250g-which is a butter cube, 4 *don't follow the notes above* egg yolks, and 150g of icing sugar together. 

if u wish to make a lot, u may double up the quantities of the ingredients.

3. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence into the solvent and mix well. Okay, this is the so-called ingredient A.

 4. left aside ingredient A, we proceed to the making of ingredient B. Sift 220g of corn flour, 120g plain flour, and 130g custard flour and mix them together.

5. Mix ingredient A and ingredient B. Then u will have a yellowish dough. *no pixi for this procedure, i was busy making the dough >.<"*

6. When comes to a dough thingy, it's time to preheat the oven and make the flower looking shape and put the cut-cherry on the center of the cookies dough *make them look like a flower* .

Before pumping the flower-shaped dough to the baking tray, make sure u clean the tray and apply a thin layer of butter on the tray to prevent the dough sticking on it. 

. . . . . .  pumping and pumping the shape out on the baking tray. . . . . .

7. Then, bake them at 170 degree Celsius for 30 minutes.

the outcome *drumroll*


Put them into containers and present them to my friends the next day since the next day is the last day of classes before finals come *sad*. Mr. Yorath got to taste them early while i was baking. Lol. My family is upon to finish them before CNY >.<" lol *sound so delicious like that* 
Indeed!  My friends said very nice *maybe suit their taste* haha! Good larh if it really that yummy. >.<" 

So, I decided to bake more after my class. Unfortunately, I found out my car tire puncture. fml! Luckily i have a useful boyfie. Muahahaha! Thankiew for saving ma life. >.<" * I always bring troubles to him* lol
When i when back, It's already 4pm. So, i change my plan which is to bake more cookies on the day after tomorrow. And I'm done with 4 containers of flower custard cookies =) Bravo Candy! *round applause*

That's all for today's post! and Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese who celebrating CNY =) Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! Angpows please *I'm broke* lol.


  1. Nice cookies! Your handwriting is ok what T_T u know my handwriting is like shit HAHAHA chicken shit,seriously. Even the teachers complained that my handwriting is worst than a boy's T_T

  2. haha! ei, ppl say pretty lady sure with ugly handwriting! =) and i believe that. lol