Monday, January 31, 2011

Sexy Nurse Night Party ☠

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y I got all the pictures from Yorath already. It's time to re-blog this infinity years post. lol
Probably can't recall all single incident happened over there. So, just briefly blog about it with super lotsa chio pictures of sexy seduction nurses. *upset, by looking at them, i feel like i accidentally went to AV-world* wtf.

So, basically the story goes like this. All photographers were invited  *shouldn't says it's invitation lor because they need to pay entrance fee and photographing fee some more-rm50/ person, they just being tag along in the invitation* to attend the Sexy Nurse Night Party at Pure Bar, Malacca. Apparently, I'm so extra because i just went there without invitation and I'm not photographer also. Just to guard Yorath for not getting seduced by the Nurses. *entrance fee is compulsory for the girls without Nursy custume*

 However, i failed to guarding him since he asked his friends to accompany me and then he was like *proof* disappear! =.="

un-chio girl ever on the night T^T Ms. Candy

Tons of photo taken by Yorath the "pro-photographer" lol. Enjoy the chio pictures.

I told ya, they look super chio and hawt!

she slightly look like Dawn Yang >.<

Mr. Yorath said she is the prettiest on the night among other nurses =.= *disagree!*

chubby baby face nurse

they are good in posing. Probably are those part-time models

Kitten-eye look *meow*

lol, the DJ =.=" he should beautify himself as well *look like nerdy using WiFi connection in a cafe* wtf
Erk hem, don't judge a book by its cover wey, he's the DJ of the night okay. >.<"

the first one look super chio for me, she's so sweet. One of them is gonna be my peer during my internship. >.<" ulala! I don't like it. 

Muahahaha! someone put on flesh-light on them. Their true faces: Oily moily shawties. lol

another group photo of them

okay, I'm getting lazy to upload the photos *seriously is effing a lot u know! >.<*

ugly me again with fats on the belly. *I lost my confidence after this post >.<"*

okay, come to the end of the post. Mostly are photos i know. wtf 

Mr. Yorath the photographer =.="  Fyi, all the photos were being comprised due to the big megabytes, so these is not the original size of photos.

That's all for the post. Stay tuned! Bye