Saturday, May 10, 2014

Antipodean Coffee Bar Cafe Shop

My bf date me for breakfast. He said we must try out Antipodean's breakfast as he heard good comments from his friends. So here we go ~
Fyi, we normally try out new foodplaces on weekends or public holiday. So, here is  the expired weekend post *blush*.
 I always wanted to cycle in the early morning at the park. But too bad, my condominium does not have enough space for cycling. So I flip through the bf's facebook and I found out he went to cycling with his friends before in his freaking oldtime photos. Trying hard to persue him to get me there, and so he brought me there - Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. They provide bicycle renting service, a bike is only gonna cost you RM4 on the weekend. But the bad thing is you have to queue up early before all the bicycles is running out. So, for the late comer like me leave no bike! *Hey, I woke up early too! -just not as early as others larh* You can also bring your own bike there if your bike look smarter.
Here goes the late comer with no bike left for her - *throwing touge out*
Since we are here, why not go for a short morning walk instead of turning back home and continue the beauty sleep. Here goes a short roadmovie *freaking love this apps, but I have no idea how to rotate it, because I'm noob in IT stuff, so just turn your head 90 degree and watch it, Lol*

 Alright, after the short walk *I did sweat OK*, we tend to go for our breakfast at Bangsa - Antipodean *nodding head*. Antipodean Cafe is originated from Sydney, Australia. They serve different choices of Western food. It's a great place to dine with friends and family as they make good quality coffee and consistely good food.

Their menu is always there for you. It's printed on the walls for your ease to pick what you wanna have. But it's not an good idea for those with short-sightedness. Well, maybe you can sit beside the wall then.

There have tables at outside too if you enjoy gasping for the "fresh air" or you just simply wanna erk ehm ... you know, smoke I mean!
During the weekend, you have to prepare to wait quite long as the crowd is really indescribable *Yala, you expect everyone gonna cook their own breakfast on the weekend morning meh?* So, just shuddup and queue. Trust me, the queue is worth a wait.

 Finally we got our seats for like half an hour waiting. Took our orders and simply just snap a few photos around while waiting the breakfast to be served. Those carnations are fresh and real, and dunno how many people have smell them like me *Now I feel disgusted* Oh ya, plain water is served on every table to cure your thrist after crapping for so long. *How caring are them*
His "atas" breakfast : Big breakfast + flat white
This is mine : All day breakfast + *Opps, forgot what I ordered for drinks*
All food they serve is quite big portion. Do not order too much when you are excited, probably can't finish them. Unless your backside itchy. *Just a friendly advise larh*.
The happy boy when he got his breakfast. =)
Antipodean Cafe is located at  20 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Their breakfast is served all day. If you wanna avoid from the crowd, you can simply just hoop in later for your breakfast.

Yippee! One post done at last. Bye! going back to my hometown now. And wishing all mothers out there Happy Mother's Day and we love you!

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