Friday, March 21, 2014

Nightlife: Heli Lounge Bar

Hi peeps, whatsup? Came back early from work today. So, decided to blog about an old event. 
Seems myself it's a wine lover but not a pro one I can say *haha*, He recommended a place to chill and they serve wine and liquor. That's actually the first formal unofficially dates of us. lol *I have no idea what am I talking about*. I mean that's quite formal outgoing with him, but we are yet attached. *Got it? still don't? then just forget about it* 

Alright, it's Heli Lounge Bar. It's located at the top of Menara KH, Kuala Lumpur, whereby it's at the "heart of Golden Triangle" . It's on level 34th, Yup! the helipad. The bf introduce this place to me as we both are interested on Sky Bar or Roof Top thingy. I love the night view from the top of the building. Those lights on the streets and buildings are so breathtaking. And you can enjoy the view of the whole city *imaging yourself like a lion king standing at the highest hill and the good wind blow towards you and your hair flow gracefully... * I hope you know the great feeling larh. Lol

Weather on that day was quite incooperative. It starts drizzling in the evening when I'm still in the office.

Went back sharp 6 as he is coming to pick me up by 7:30. I took a quick bath and splash on makeup as it was quite rushing. Anyway, I still managed to take a few selfies before he arrived. 

About 8:30pm we arrived. Not really worry about is it full house or not as he has made a reservation earlier (wink).

The helipad *photo taken from google image*

They provided a few seats and tables only.  Everyone does not have time bother about the chairs and table as the 360 degrees night view caught everyone's attention. Basically, people will just tend to bring their drinks up because you need to climb a few steps to the helipad *girls should wear flats than your damn high heels, or else u might be the attention of everyone seeing you fall dramatically, haha! Just an gentle advise anyway.* 

We waited about 30 minutes for the rain to stop at the heli lounge bar. And certainly gonna take a few sips of wine while waiting. This nightclub actually divided into two totally different theme or atmosphere (whatever it call larh). Heli Lounge Bar is actually a covered bar, and there are DJs playing with the nightclub musics and rocks the whole bar to impress the clubber and bring out the clubbing mood. Whereas Helipad is set up nightly (after 6pm). I guess they did actually utilize the helipad in daytime to parks someone's helicopter there. *Don't ask me where the helicopter parks during the night time okay* 

Took a few silly picture together.

selfie, selfie, and selfie

here goes my very chubby cheeks.

Then rain stopped and we visited helipad again. Don't forget to bring along your cardigan as it is freezing up there especially after the rain.

The unofficial boyfriend of the day. Lol (sorry for the lousy quality of all the pictures) 

 360 degrees night view is so stunning. Specially those colorful lights from the buildings and streets. 

Fugliest photo on that night. (sigh)

Heli Lounge Bar is a very relaxing bar to chill with your love one as it is more towards romance atmosphere.  Should try to come in the evening and catch up with the sunset.

Okay, maybe a little tipsy after finished a whole bottle of red wine and a glass of cocktail. It's time to chaoz before my head starts spinning. 

Heli Lounge Bar it's a insta-worthy place to chill. Pay a visit if you have not. (smile)

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