Monday, May 12, 2014

Fatty is a daddy now


Howdy people! It has been a long long time I didn't mention about Fatty in my blog. Well, guess what, he got promoted. Lol. He is a dad to a baby girl now, but actually I am not really confirm the baby gender yet. Assuming is a girl la, eventhough I am hoping much a boy to come out.

Here goes the lovey dovey -Husband and wife. But eventually Fatty always got bullied by his wife. His wife loves to play with his "balls" and I'm not sure why. So, Fatty most of the time is in pain, and he couldn't fight back as he is too fat to stand up and response, or he just love her wife too much, lol. Somehow I'm worry one day he cannot produce anymore babies >.<"
I noticed Skinny (Fatty's wife) have a tummy bloat earlier, but never thought she can get pregnant so fast as she looks so tiny *that's why she got here name*. She must be a young mother. Haha! the baby bump was so small and was not located oat the place it suppose *suppose to be at the tummy*. At first I saw the bump was below her tummy and near to her right thigh. That time I was quite worry that she might got bitten by some sort of poisonous insect. I touched and softly poked the bump a few times and observed her responses. She didn't show any pain sign and still able to jumps around happily. =.="
I didn't know how long is her pregnant period *definately not like human 9 months* and no idea when she started to get pregnant, *I wonder did she feel nausea during her pregnant O.o" * . Until my mom gave me a call and told me that Skinny has hided herself underneath the cloth for like 2 days and didn't see her takes any food. And after 2 days, she heard weird noise coming out from Skinny. Then she saw Skinny's pocket has a short black tail hanging out. That time I was on my vacation at Bangkok with the bf.  What a surprise that Fatty became a father all of a sudden. Haha! Because I always treat them like small babies that never grow up.
 This is the closest look of the baby I could snap. She is always with her mom. But luckily Skinny doesn't have crancky mood when I touched her baby. But not until I kidnapped the baby, she got almost insane keep calling the baby >.<
She is so silky, soft, moist *I really couldn't find the correct word to describe her cuteness* Aww, she look so innocent eventhough she haven't open her button eyes yet.
And Skinny intend to be the old cheeky Skinny back * playing Fatty's balls again* until I distract her attention to look at the camera. So that Fatty got a few seconds to relieve his pain. 
My mom felt pity for Fatty everytime Skinny attack him. So, she bought another cage house for the baby and mother *so that Skinny can be in her confinement period, lol no need de meh?*. Okay la, my mother just wanna seperates Fatty with them before his balls get bad injure.  But after the seperation, Fatty look like the folk that staying in the oldfolk home without visitors. My mom felt pity of him again and let them reunion back =.=" wtf.
And now, Fatty learn to fight back whenever Skinny come approach. Maybe he dread to being lock-up in the "oldfolks home" again if he didn't attack back. It's so damn funny *I could have record the whole scenario* Fatty was so enjoy the honeydew that I bought. Skinny came approach and grab a small piece of honeydew from the bowl, and got Fatty several slaps on her face so innocently. Fatty is the man of the house now, yea... Everyone have to obey his rules *do not fool with him when he is hungry!*
But he still a loving dad larh.  Can see he loves his baby a lot.
After 3 weeks later,  the baby girl finally opened her eyes and she looks like her mom *I wonder why she grow so fast* . She looks skinny, but she has short arms and legs that's something make her looks so cute. I'm gonna feed her more like Fatty. lol
Fatty DOESN'T like to share his food with others. He get very piss if you snatch away his food or you interrupt  him when he is enjoying his meal. But if you have food on your hand, he definitely gonna make it his. ^^ *He is on diet now, my mom trying to feed him more fruits instead of breads. We seriously need to cut down his carbohydrate intakes. Stay healthy is better that stay adorable. =)
Enjoy the short roadmovie of the happy family.
That's all for the post. Adios!

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