Saturday, January 4, 2014

The unspoken Fate

Hello peeps, I thought I could finish all the post by 2013. But end up still dragged to 2014. Anyway, at least I'm bringing happy post to 2014 instead of bad one.^^ Happy New Year everyone!

As I mentioned earlier in my previous post that I will blog about HIM in my next post. So, I didn't break my promise ya. Just a little bit late to blog about him as we were passing our 2013 Christmas at Penang, Malaysia. So time are limited for me to prepare his Christmas present and to handover my job to my assistant. He told me that he has waited for my next blog until long necked. Haha! Alright, here you go...

The story that we met is very impracticable that's why I called it "fate" (we call it "缘份" in mandarin). The way we found each was very mainstream. Just like everyone else searching around through "Wechat" apps. Haha! People say meeting up stranger through the social network is not preferable, and you may put yourself in danger. But "Wechat" apps has a features that you may share your moments in it.So before we meet up in real, I did observe and analyse HIM before we plan to meet up. 


In the beginning, I thought he is a "flirter" *sorry my dear XD* from the way he chat with me. We knew each since October 2013. We seldom chat, but we left comments on each shared moments in WeChat. So I guess he analyses me too larh. Lol.  

 We normally leave comments on Moments than chatting. 

 Hitting multiple "likes" on both Moments proven we are aware of both existence

Then I found out we have common interest on food and wine which brings us closer. 

So, our first met was on 18 November 2013. Whereby I invited him to come over my place as he said his friend / client (cannot recall who's the one) presented him a bottle of wine. He wasn't sure how's the wine taste like. So invited me to taste it with him. At first I was not sure it is correct to offer my place as the venue for our first met. But since I was suffering insomnia again on that night and I have all the wine equipment at my place. So, just go ahead with it.  

Was a great chat with him on that night. And we did actually found out many interest in common after chatting the whole night. Just the DOB has enough to give me a shock. He asked me when is my birthday. "June" I answered. He gave me a big eyes surprised look and proceed with his second question "Omg, June when?". "29th?" I said it with doubt like is there any problem with my birthday. Lol. He took out his IC and showed it to me as he knows I'm quite a self- protective person and I showed him a very suspicious look which I don't believe people's word easily. Although our birthday is not exactly the same but we shared the same month not the year anyway. His birthday is just a day before me - 28th June. I meant how coincident to meet a friend which just working a short distance from my work place, going to the same cafe -Donutes (and we did not notice each other before), both are wine lover, Japanese food and spicy food craver and just a day in different on the birthday. 

Alright, maybe it really just a "coincident". But time prove everything.

This is my second shock. We shared the same mattress. Wtf. But this was noticed after we are together. I brought him to my hometown - Malacca. He saw my mattress and he took a picture as he said this mattress look familiar. Then he sent me his current mattress to me after went back to KL. I was speechless. I mean having a same printing of mattress is common maybe. But how come a guy using it and how come is the guy that I met? haha! Anyway, he is not a Hello Kitty lover, just his mom changed the mattress for him.

 Slowly, we spent quite much time together. He loves Thai food too. ^^

 And he loves to take all my "ugly" photos and show it to me says it's "Pretty". Lol

 We start hanging around together. Having every meal together while working

Our first Donute Cafe man-made "fate" as we never see each there but both sharing Donute's beverage photos on Wechat's Moments. Lol. So basically, this is our first Yumcha place.

He dragged me out for sport. 

 Another common interest. We love to take photo. Haha! Does it counted? >.<

Donutes for Coffee & Tea lover. We can actually hang-out at here for hours as it open 24hours per day.

He purposely waits me drive back to KL from Melaka. He surveyed a new wine place for wine tasting.

The atmosphere is quite comfy. 

The staffs are friendly. One of the staff was humble enough to show us the wine underground storage room. And I'm almost frozen there. Lol. Tmeperature is like 7 degrees.

 Me & you

And picture of us

 Alright, those were a part of the photo we took before officially accepted him. ^^
He did confesses his feeling toward me a few times but I wasn't brave enough to accept as I was still in the middle of enjoying my single living and I have lost confident on relationship. He said he is willing to wait for the better answer. I was having a dilemma whether to accept or not as everything happened too fast, it's like very not logical. It might just a wrong perception. But I believe in fate and I might loss this man and I might regret if only I let him slip out from my hand. Haha!

After a long consideration, I accepted him on 28 November 2013. That will be my new and last anniversary date I hope.

His first tattoo.My second tattoo XD

 He wanted to engraves my name on his hand as he said I will be his last woman. So no need to worry to find a way to eraser it. Aww... I'm melting.

My heart actually melt every time he hold my hand and kiss it, and rub my hand with his incompletely grown beard. I love the way he loves me. Made me feel so comfortable and secure. I love you.

This is something that made me felt very touched and from this action I knew how important am I to him. Thank you for trusting me, dear. 

This is the man who willing to slot me into his busy schedule. Spending almost 80% of his time with me per day and never leave me alone.

Rex,I want us to last. I don't want to have an amazing couple of months and then let it be all over in a flash. I don't want to experience the feelings of hurt, confusion, and disappointment again. No matter what we run into & no matter how hard things get, please pass it together with me and share everything with me. You are special in every way. Thank you for being who you are. ^^ I love you!

Yes, it's true that we went through everything quite fast. But do you actually believe in fate? I believe. As Fate bring us together. ^^

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