Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My life as a single lady

Howdy people! I'm here to clean up the dead blog again. Lol. I was tied up with sooooo much of incidents which forced me to temporary stop blogging lately. Fml. But not for now. I promise I'm gonna feed you guys with tons of pictures in this post. 

Well, my health is a piece of shit. And I hate it when i accidentally made people around worried about me. I'm sooo sooo sorry especially my parents. But I'm great now. No worries. 

After the dramatic break-off, I took hard time to stand up as I realized I can't live without him (Yorath) because I have relied on him for the past 7 years. I felt like an idiot who know nothing. I straggled quite long to get use to the life without some one pampering me until I read a few blog post from some other bloggers. They were on my situation before and they described how they walk out from all the tragedies. So coincident when I was facing problem like this, new friends that I met where all single (I mean just broke up earlier than me a few months or days) So, mostly we have common topics to chat with. 


Single life is great. I enjoy the freedom that I don't used to have when I was attached. I have no restriction on meeting new friends regardless male or female. And I appreciate every single person that I have met. Knowing you people from strangers to close friends is something priceless. I saw the bad side and the good side of humans by knowing new friends. Some guys came and approached with bad intention, it was clearly shown when I rejected their confession, or I told them I'm not ready to start a relationship. For girl friends, I had met numerous of them initially treating me like soul-mate, they even gained my trust and then end up start comparing the outlook / beauty or popularity which made me felt funny and sad at the same time.There was one even sabotaged me and created fake stories to gain my sympathy on her and cheated my money as well. Sigh. I don't see the point of hurting people that treat them sincerely. Rumors spread by them are faster than NCS News. They polluted my name by spreading untrue statements. Those words really stabbed my heart deeply. But of cause some are not. They are truly want to be friends. They hold me tight and support me when I caught in miserable situations and they share their good times and help me out by listening during the bad times. Some even crashing their head just to generate new ideas to cheer me up. Haha! Aww, you guys are just too nice! And a big thank you to all friends that living miles away from me, texted me and concern about my life. Thank you so much!

They give me a lift when I was a "road blind". They cheer me up by disturbing me when I was paying attention on my work (Ya, I'm talking about my boss). 

The selfie on the right was found in my phone photo album. My boss actually camwhored with my shades and saved his selfie in my phone album =.="

Had my meal with my silly buddy.

Meeting up the bitches

My bitch who used to be my smoking partner. =)

we shop together

we camwhore during work.

the most I love to do is yamcha with the friends

Trying and sharing yucky food with friends

 Lunch with my boss & ex-colleague

 having great time with my housemate

we went to the night market just a few steps from our unit and pack all the junk food back.

again with ex-colleague and boss  

 Meeting up new friends from Wechat

My best place to chill -Donutes-

My family played a very massive role during my single living too. They are the most awesome one. I learnt to cherish them more than before as they are my only trust-able people in my life. They are the one not leaving me when I'm in a mess or trouble. They assist, advise and support me during my hard time. Thank you so much! Love u daddy, mama, and brother. I feel so grateful to have such a great family members.

Time spending with my family is so limited as I'm not staying with them. But I try to make my time for them like every weekend =')

My brother always sticking on his handphone after he has a girlfriend XD 

and they make time for me too. They drove all the way from Malacca just to give me a courtesy visit when my health is not in the ideal stage. 

Nothing can describe how awesome my family are!

After that I jumped to another stage that I enjoy doing things alone such as having my own sweet time chilling at the coffee shop for the whole day without companion, Shop alone on the weekend, driving alone. I found the enjoyment of being alone, it's not lonely after all. =) Compare to last time, I cannot even dine alone in a restaurant as I think dining alone it's like having no companion until it will lead me to negative thinking, so lonely and might also drop my tears for looking on the tables around where there are couple enjoy their dining moment, then I start thinking my life is sucks and it's like very sympathy and it's like nearly impossible I'm going to dine alone again. That time I choose to pack my meal back home or rather skip my meal * That is so wrong!*. But no more for now ^^ I'm much more independent and technically adult-person.

 these were where my weight start rising when I enjoy dining alone

Fats for my lunch break 

I made my own Hi-Tea ^^

I able to enter the kitchen and prepare my own diet meal

I enjoy driving myself back to my hometown and to work which I couldn't do that in my past as I'm super "princessy" and I always used to have a boyfriend to fetch me everywhere, people who are very close to me hardly see me controlling the steering XD. But now I have to do so and I enjoy doing it. Driving alone is my time to give myself a peace of mind. And I feel so proud when I able to drive myself to the place that I wanna go. Haha!

 But sometime I still need my baby pillow to be my companion for a long distance driving. It make me feels so warm. 

Shop for groceries and household solely 

Shop and spend without limitation

Pamper myself with things that I like.

Of cause I did encounter a few nasty moment when I'm single. When there is no transportation at all, I able to take express bus by my own, and settle my transportation problems. And I able to shop alone. Shopping alone is my ideal choice as I do not have to follow others to wherever they prefer. Because we might not have the same taste of choice. And definitely either one of us gonna be bored like hell while waiting the other to shop in the shops that nothing caught attention to them. 

 I'm not a book worm in my past. And I always end up dosing-off when I just started the first page of the friction book. But slowly I found the joys of reading books, if I really put myself into the story or the story really attracts me. Besides, it's a very good chance for me to enhance my English language. I'm gonna read a lot and speak more!

 Then don't know since when, I fall for wines. I started to search and study about types of wine. Wine just so classy and vintage. And my single life stopped after I start to make wine tasting my hobby. I met my life companion with the help of fate and wine. Well, not gonna story that in this post. =P

Although my single life just maintained for a few months, but at least I have overcame my fear of loneliness. And I found out myself is so damn AWESOME! Lol. 

God doesn't give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you; to make you the person you were meant to be.

Thanks to those people who hurts me, because without them, I might not know I can actually go so far than I thought. So, who ever think that her life is gonna end after a sophisticated break-off, please don't ever think the world is ending, yet your awesome life is waiting you to explore them! Always believe that God loves you. He made you to pass through all the obstacles because there's some one deserves you more than anyone else. Please don't sink in the past too long. People lives in the future, but not the past. Alright? =) 

Run when you can, walk when you hate to, crawl if you must, just never give up.

Not gonna drag this post any longer. Lastly, I just wanna end this post with some thankful prayer to the God.
*Just bear with my super dramatic or sentimental mood now, lol*

Dear God, I want to take a minute, not to ask for anything from you, but simply to say thank you for all I have. Thank you for making me stronger than before and thank you for arranging the fate to found the man that deserves me - Candy Hoo

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