Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Past

I plan to blog about the past as I flip thru my photo album there are actually quite a lot of happening events I have joined. Time is running so fast and I can't even chase after it. Stress and tiredness make me about to turn insane x.x" backache, migraine, and hot temper keep bothering me. I even having a moment about to give up everything as I fail to control my emotional *mood disturbance?*. But, I'm okay now. Thanks to the bf for being so patience, pampering and also trying hard to make me feel happy. Thankiew.

Okay, back to the past. I have celebrated father's day at Nailis, Ampang on June 18th.

 family photo- my bare face

 my adorable mum and super thin bro *I should give him my fats*

 Me and my super dad - the main character of the day 

 us in the shelter

ordered several dishes

they stayed a day at our place. And we shop all day long. So glad they enjoyed the days at KL.

My big day. Celebrating me turning 22th this year with the colleagues on 28th June at Movida, Scott Garden. A huge amount of them, but no group photo taken as I'm the main character of the night. haha! drink drank drunk!!  

this picture was so not me. The meme face of after drinking so much. The symptom of drinking : body feels itchy and heaty, face turns red, nose, chicks and lips swollen *it's like after a few punches*. Omfg, It's like a failed plastic surgery!! Born to be a non-alcoholic ^^ good also larh!

I was okay before coming out from the club. Then started to hangover after came to a much more silent place. And feel nausea, dizziness and puke continuously. Thanks to all the colleagues for trying so hard to put me drank. =.=" Thanks Jane my dear friend who take good care of me when I'm drank and I puked on my hair wtf. She even help to wash my tip hair at the public toilet. Thankiew, I don't even dare to touch my hair, but she is way too sweet... aww! =^3^=

the last picture of hang over. Nice job guy! =.=
Then on June 29, celebrated my b'day at The Ship, Bukit Bintang with the loved one.

OOTD *I'm getting older but I still look like a kid*

 his meme smiley face

 my meme smiley face 

 and this one is nice! I forgot what it called. Combination of prawns, mango, salad, and thousand island sauce.

 this one forgotten already. Some random salad?

 my mushroom sauce steak. Forgot the Atas name of it too.

 His Atas ribeye. Also forgot the name. lol

I like to take photo with lots of food. Make me happy.

On October 2012, we have movie event hold by our company and was held twice in a month at Sunway Pyramid. It was kinda successful one ^^. 

Some pictures taken on the days. 

3 friendly beauties *mostly we fight during the working hour XD* at the reception waiting for the customers to get their tickets. 

 Okay, the outfit a bit look like nurse uniform. Hahaha! We was like "ei, help us take picture, faster!" then busy posing and the event photographer starts counting  "1.... 2.... thr...e..." customer walked-in. "ei, wait first, got customer got customer come already" whispered at the event photographer. "Welcome sir and madam!" We greeted customer like super polite and continue asked the event photographer take photo after given out the tickets and then another customer came again. Lol! The scenario is very funny.

 We went for sushi after the movie event ended. Roy "chan" joined us too after his work!

 I love variety sushi arranged into a plate!

 the food we ordered. Everything is so nice!

 Told cha, I love to take picture with the food. This time with Jane (new face, she is the one help to clean up my hair!) too. One of my bitching and gossip partner. Hahaha! Aww, u know... we're girls~ =P

After that, me and the bf rushed to Neway for karaoke with the colleagues and  managers. Having fun over there. Laughing, singing, and dancing. Everything is so happy. Haha! It's good for team-building, knowing each other even one step closer no matter you are in the lower level or the top level. 

 Again, a blur one with the food, but I still love the photo. Yes... no doubt! they are kind enough to leave all the food for us as we are late comers of the night and the buffet is almost close. Told u there are good. >.<

No pictures taken during the having fun time as I was too busy norming food and others was fooling around me with the korean k-pop songs. Wth =.=" 

I just realized I have quite numbers of activities during the October month. Here's another one. Our company annual dinner at Shang-ri la Hotel. 

 Snapped the food again. Seafood. My favorite too! *everything also my favorite larh >.<, lol!*

 huge prawn which is almost same size with my face.

 being caught for taking too much of food. Meme face! 

Next~ October month as well. On one of the weekend. My parents and brother went down to KL to visit us and we planned to make our weekend a fantastic one! Brought my parents to KL city and we shop the whole day.

 OOTD - simple tee and a shorts. 

We went to  Sungei Wang. Guess what we met. MY FM  group. They are giving out MY FM 飞凡14美斯特利雅 entrence tickets to the public. 

surprisingly my mum asked me to queue up and get the tickets. Lol, okay.. but have to queue up to the stage and says the keywords of the event. 

So, we queue and we got our tickets. 

then a few days after, the bf got the VIP seats tickets from one of the director of Astro. =.=" 

VIP tickets on hand. Wasted my guts to be on stage and speak.. lol.. Okay, back to the Sungei Wang. Me and mum bought a lot of clothes. The guys need to find their own entertainment. Hahaha! Like mother like daughter. XD

the bf snapped the shopping queen a photo. And finally the queen is tired. Have a seat at BB plaza shoes department stool while another queen is trying out all the swim suit as she want to have a night swim at my condo.

After she bought hers. We are starving like ghost. Planned to bring them to TGIF, Pavillion for dinner. We walked to Pavillion as it was too jam to drive there. 

chubby me with TGIF 

place your order please~ Their first try =) 

my mum and bro are enjoying the dinner =) daddy also larh. But i forgot to take a picture of him *For sure he will get jealous* . Haha!

my pinky steak slurp*!

We must self-cam every single time. Nay, I force him. Haha!

Family photo after the dinner. Then we went back home. 

Had a wonderful weekend with my family and love one.

The next weekend. We attended MY FM event at Bukit Jalil since we have the tickets. 


 Me and him

 Arrived destination. Bukit Jalil car park area were so crowded.

 the huge stage

 and LED lights set-up. Area in front of me is the rock zone while we were at the VIP zone.. So, we got to sit =)

 singing, dancing acting, jokes and ended with colourful paper pop out.

beautiful fire crackers on the sky for a wonderful ending.

End of October and the begining of November 2012. Attended 4 wedding invitations. It's like so sweet looking them getting marry. So envy! Lol, but I'm not ready for my turn yet, I mean I'm still young, and just not prepare for all this. Frankly speaking, I love to watch marriage proposal video and engagement day videos. I watched them from YouTube and I tearing and smiling in front of my lappy. Hahaha! Just loving the happiness on their special day. Hahaha! I want mine to be the most special!!! Are you listening? my future husband~ *just in case they are planning* lol. So demanding and thick face man! okay, I'm just joking. 

First wedding lunch. One of my colleagues. 

Let's celebrate their big day. 

 Tossing with the bride and bridegroom. *Everyone is happy*

  OOTD- Pink sexy low neck and back dress from some random boutique at Malacca.  I love the way I express my happiness. In short, I love my smiley way!

Second wedding dinner. My ex-colleagues when I'm doing my internship.

Regina the bride and the guests on our table

Regina the bride and my old secondary classmate. It's great to met u guys again.

OOTD- dark blue dinner gown

Third wedding dinner. My landlord and her wife. lol

 A very cute pair! 

OOTD -White and light brown combination batik dinner gown brought from Bali.

The forth wedding invitation. Becoming the braidmaid. Will blog separately. Just a quick one over here ^^ 

White horses going to the bride's house to get the bride!

OOTD- White and yellowish lace dress from ramdom boutique in Malacca, belt from Vincci.

Finally you (Alice) are married! ^^ 

^^ Aww! happy for both of u! 

Sisters of the day!

OOTD - Brownish batik dress bought from 

My life is so happening! Lol... I cherish all the days with every single of you. Love you! Nights! 

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