Monday, December 17, 2012

Quickie on Advance Christmas

Hii guys! 
I'm just came back from my Christmas shopping spree with the bf. Christmas is coming soon *if end of the world doesn't came on 21th*. Every shopping complex is playing the happiest song of the year. It influenced all the customers to buy more when they feel the joy of the Christmas! Including us. We are not Christian or Catholic, but we celebrate Christmas too! Just like others. For me, Christmas is the moment that u share your happiness with others. Automatically you'll feel happy at the end of the year as people started to go for travelling *trying to spend all their annual leaves*, feeling of getting bonus & promotion, the feel of new year is coming, started to plan for a better year and etc.

Well, seems like I'm getting to far. Lol. Today me and the bf went to 1 Utama for Christmas shop! Shopping makes me happy, him too but too bad, his Christmas gift is out of stock. Have to wait til the next week. This year we planned to have no surprise but to choose our Christmas gift and the other party have to pay for it. So, we went to Victoria's Secret to bought mine first. ^^ Recently I was poisoned by VS since the day our company held an event just opposite VS. We both zinged on that day. Lol. Fyi, Victoria's Secret Beauty & Accessories store in 1 Utama is just opened. 

Image was stolen from The Star News. Lol. 

At first I was so into VS's TEASE perfume's packaging. *Look so SEXY* But it was year 2010 award-winning perfume hor I tell you.

Fragrance type: Warm

But the fragrance is too strong and too fruity for me. It suitable for long outing and the smell is long lasting. But It's not my ideal taste. I might feel dizzy if the fragrance follows me the whole day. Lol. 

 The sales assistant recommended variety of VS's perfume until I mixed all into one scent. And asked her to spray me the ideal one that I love because I have forgotten the scent after trying others.

Fragrance type: Fresh
Victoria's Secret Boomshell got three winning awards at 2011 FIFI Award - considered the "Oscars" of the Fragrance Industry. Also the Consumer Choice Winning Award.  

 Tadah! I have chosen this! Just the right amount of each blended lightly together fot a fresh and clean, wonderful and playful and very pleasing scent. This is the one added into my cart.

Then the SA again tried the sensual lotion of Boomshell on my skin. Whao... again, added into my cart. Go further more to the lingerie sections. Added more into the cart. So I stopped and proceeded to the cashier. It was a huge spent on my Christmas gift. Haha!   More info :

Tip of the year: 

Color of the year 2013: Emerld green, declare by Pantone on 6 December 2012. 

After a great spent, feels like noming something. So we hooped in Just Thai for our dinner.


Just loving the new style of the bf. His only checked shirt and the light sea blue jeans. I love the combination of both and guess what, I matched both and asked him to pay for these coordinate. Lol. Finally he wore them out. The colours of the checked shirt also suitable to be the Christmas outfit. ^^

Mango salad go with the catfish, Tom Yam gong, Tom Yam fried rice, and pineapple seafood fried rice. These caused our tummy bloated but satisfied. Haha!

After a great dinner, we went to have a look on the bf's ideal phone but unfortunately they ran out of stock. Sad case. And he didn't want to have his Christmas gift at 1 Utama as he says he can get much cheaper at outside. So, We'll seek other outlets. ^^


 Finally I'll be using dollywink again ^^ as those I'm usually using came to the last pair which is the one I'm using today. So, I'll be start using dollywink as it last longer and much more comfortable and look natural.
Bought copper color retro earring and vintage-looking rings from VINCCI. 

You can even wore them 3 together to have a much even look on your tan skin. Helps on the skin tone look fairer and brighter. Do not apply white/ pearl white nail polish color as it will make your skin tone look far more tanner. 

A very simple and loving outing with the love one. Simple chat and a great smile and pampering makes the bond stronger. We will be together until the end. Forget about what the fortune teller says that we will break in the end. Takes it as the spirit for us to keep being together with happiness.

This was taken on yesterday night at Padi House before heading to Genting Highland. 

And once again, Thanks for the advance Christmas gift! Love you ~

Merry Christmas in advance, world! Goodnight.

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