Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall season ❤

Everyone knows between September to November is autumn season. But for M'sian is like "so what?" still the same. the trees leaves are still hanging up there and is not turning orange. =.=" lol. *true also...* But there's lots of events in M'sia during fall season what! October Fest, mid-autumn festival, Halloween and arh.... Raining season? I'm not sure is't suppose to rain during fall season or not, but the rain is like so dramatic. It stayed for more than a week already and some other places started to flood. Hope everything will be just okay. 

So, in between all the events I have mentioned, I only involved in Halloween and also did play my small role during Mid-autumn festival *makan mooncake only larh* lol. 

Hello Kitty Mooncakes! from a lovely  friend. So cute! Love it so much and not willing to eat them. So, that's the small part I involved on celebrating it. lol

Genting Highlands had made a happening Halloween event "Halloween Horror Spirits" on October *for me is quite happening larh.. bcoz I'm effing fear of ghost especially zombies and clown with long nails, some of them say so-so only.*

I suggested to go with the colleagues. Here we go, a bunch of us went there *no group picture taken as I'm not very sure are they having the so-called camho attitude or not, so, I just take with those I close to.*

Simple coordination of the day: greenish blue top, hight waist jeans and a pair of flats.

 I love my high waist short as it's so comfy!

I choose to wear flats this time for my own safety purpose, just in case I'll chase by the ghosts. So that I can run like a horse!

Ice-creams for all! Audrey: the previous TV3 event hostess which I never see her before we met. lol! This is the first time I posted her in my blog. Anyway, she's funny and we always bitch around.

Arrived Gotong Jaya about 7pm and had our simple dinner at there. Went up to Genting Highland is about 8:15pm. and it's so pack with people and cars as it was the last day.

Another good friend of mine : Roy "chan". We named him the sir name as "chan" make him sound abit korean bcoz he has a bit korean-looking and cannot speak mandarin! =.= Still on the way teaching him! Okay, shared his camho picture saved in my photo album. *Dai Sei* hahaha!

The two of us while going up to outdoor theme park. Requested Roy to take for us.

 Bought tickets for 13 pax and here we go!

Roy & Drey : Me holding the camera. Entrence to the Circus of Horror which is the first zone. Actually I don't know they divided into 4 zones just until I wanted to blog and I get more in details in Genting web page. Teehee! Too scare and didn't care how many zones they have >.<"

The circus horror zone T^T how come the one most terrifying me put at the first. Yea, I freaking fear of clowns. No one knows before I share it in this post except my boy. Clowns might me a insane murderer. wtf! My brain was washed since I watched "The Clown" when I was a little girl and also a horrible and torturing nightmare that stick into my brain nerves since I was very young. It seems so real but I'm not sure it's happening or its just a dream. 

Just exactly one look alike clown in my dream. Look even real if he has very long nails and thin fingers. lol. Hell ya! he stand and place his terrifying clown face in between me and drey while we are looking at a girl taking photo with the joker. My soul flew when I felt my neck is heaty with his breathe. Wtf I go and turn my head and look x_x. And then I die. The bf some more can laugh at me. Bloody hell! and this clown like to bothering me! His eyes are so in red, please go home and sleep more! >.<" Any way, I added love bokeh   effect in this picture just to make the picture look sweet and loving a bit T^T and just in case he saw my post.

those are the terrifying creatures at the circus horror zone *picture taken from Genting FB*

Anyone wants some snack?  Look so happy with the roller tray, my God =.= I didn't take any picture for the rest of the ghosts as I'm afraid being scared by them. So no time for taking pictures of them >.<  I felt grateful that I choose the right shoes for this outing.

Who killed the ham-sap Ted? I haven't watch the movie lerh =.=

Next, to the bridge of helplessness. Basically, all the Chinese ghosts hang around here.

 We have the welcomers here which I think they are cute exspecially the girl. ^^  *picture taken from Genting FB as impossible I can take only two of them lorh, too pack already!*

So then, I did take a picture with her. So cute and she has big eyes!

Except of those two cute one. The rest are horrifying and fierce >.<"

the fierce chinese vampires *taken from Genting FB*

 But look stupid in our photo. hahaha! These two fella arh... fool with the vampire. Pity him

 Its scares me as he kept staring at me with his reddish eyes. I doesn't like the outcome of the photo turns out so funny. Photo shows I'm avoiding him. Yea, the stupid Drey not afraid of ghost, but only pontianak. That's why she keep saying not scary at all. *feel like slapping her! =.=*

The tricycle Gu Nian. She must be hating me like hell coz I show my boobs to her! Hahaha!

The only photo of 3 of us. And we love it. Took a rest here before keep going. 

Okay, 10 minutes later we started to queue up the long que for the hospital hallway spirit where they turns all the nurse and doctors into zombies. I don't know about this. And I thought was like a small haunted house. So we queue. =.= The line was exceeded the zone and we queue from the bridge of helplessness. So we get to take photo with the Meng Po aka the Lao Tai Poh.

See, she look so sleepy. Long hours of working make her exhausted. lol. This fella arh, force Meng Po drink the tea of forgetfulness. I thought it suppose to be the other way round? Maybe the Meg Po drank and forgot she is Meng Po already. >.<"

Finally the bf turns. This is what he scared of. He afraid of Lao Tai Po. >.<" *U better don't grow older, or else u gonna afraid of your oldness* 

 Obviously Meng Po hates to take photo with hot chicks! Hahaha!

 Who's the fairest? I know I lose to the max larh!

Fooling around while queuing. Gosh, look at the ex-TV3 hostess! XD Okay, it's about to reach our turns and we heard screaming, not sure is the human screaming or the ghosts. Then here comes the Pontianak with the shackles keep hitting the fence and frighten us. Some more the staff working there shouting "no flash please" =.=" assuming like will frighten the pontianak and she is the last one left in the world, so we need to appreciate =.= wtf. 

So, we went into the hospital hallway and I was nearly insane as I don't know the doctors and nurses turned into zombies hidden inside the hospital. =( so helpless that time when I saw the nurse with high-tech make-up of Zombie. The face look so fugly but owning sexy body with nurse costume. Haha! 

And of coz no camera are allowed. Share some picture from Genting FB page. Basically, it look like this larh... But I didn't really take a look on the environment just knowing that many legs, hands and body parts hanging on the ceiling coz I knocked one. Lol. Most of the time I just closed my eyes, hug the bf tightly and shout out load to cover the screams from all the zombies. Unfortunately, I fail as all the stupid zombies shout at my ears and some more the stupid friend swing me towards the zombies and as me to look at them. Wtf =.="

 I think is is the patient scared by the zombies and then turn insane.

 Nurse zombie at the front desk. They are giving out the hospital numbers. I hope is toll free. lol

 handsome one over here. *i didn't notice*

and here's the doctor. I remember this is the one he look at me and screamed at me. I yelled at him as he make me angry coz was being feared  and annoyed by him >.<" I say shuddup! I think he hates me too, but is okay.

 The only picture I took related to the hospital hallways is the ambulance covered with a bloody cloth just after the horror time ended. lol. 

Last to the horror movie night zone. Where all the characters in the horror movie came out and dance and of cox Oppa Gangnam Style is not forgotten too. The only picture I took is Alice in the wonderland become Alice in the awfuland *I'm not sure whether she is Alice or not, but she dress like one*. But still look pretty among all. Others were Mr Freddy (Nightmare in the Elma Street),   some Draculars, the stupid clown, witch, grim reaper, Frankenstein and etc.

And I look fugly here.

That's all for the Halloween Adventure at Genting Highlands. Thankiew for the "memories" especially the clown. But I'm safe now from being haunted. And happy outing with the friends. 

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