Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hello peepow! I'm back again. Today is a special date for some people as they say 14th November is 电影情人节 wor or Orange valentine day. =.=" something gonna be like date your partner out for a movie. The actual meaning of it i have zero idea as I watch movie every single day. * wth, like I'm showing off how blessed I am >.<" , paisey!* I'm super pempered by the bf. Should feel happy and grateful ^^. Talking about this, the bf just complained that "his gf" is not sweet enough. He insist "his gf" named him much more sweeter than calling him "oii, ehh, Lee *his sir name*, or even his full name" hahaha! I insist not to accomplish his wish as I really can't do it. I'll feel uncomfortable although I always heard people or friends around calling their loved one " honey, babe, my angel, darling, peaches, pickle, >.<" even muffin also got!" tho is sweet, but it's came out from my mouth is like really not me. lol. I'm sorry Lee. Hahaha! Please let me be myself. You are born to be no-sweet-name for your entire life. >.<" poor kid! But I did call my sugar glider babe, then it turns to sound beebee, and end up to be fatty. Hahaha! 

Thanks for loving and pampering me so much!

 I'm a camho queen, but he hates to face the camera. We are totally different. But we mix and match and love chemical theory came out isn't bad tho. =) 

He hates facing the camera. but still faced and show u the smile of  forcefulness. Haha!

Okay la, just a quick one here. I love you and sorry for the moodiness of this few weeks. I know that you are effing worrying me. But I'm fine now, and I'm not feeling to tell anything is happen as it's no longer important. And stop spending so much on me!!!! Wth, I think we gonna gone bankruptcy soon. I observed that I'll shop like nobody business once I'm not in the mood and I'll feel happy and satisfy after spending so much. Psycho? T^T  


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