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My first flight - Day 2

Ello! Here come the day 2 in my birthday Bali trip Sorry to keep extending my blog post. Hehe! I need to filter all the photos if not I got no idea where to start blogging >.<"

Okay, after a day staying at The Niche Bali Hotel, it's time to check-out lurh! The boyfie called "bapak" to pick us up and proceed to the other hotel which he refuse to tell me at first. *Yea, because it's my birthday!* Told u so, he effing love to give surprise! So, what i can only do is keep guessing until the surprise burst out. 

Tapao-ing our stuffs and prepare to bla

The boyfriend wake up early and dress up himself =.=" super model. Okay larh, at least he is making big effort on my birthday =) 

I wore the batik dress which i bought from Pasar Seni on the first day =>

Had our buffet breakfast while waiting bapak to arrive.

Finally bapak arrived! It's time to chaoz~

say bye bye to The Niche Bali Hotel!
at Seminyak first then proceed to other destinations.  
The boyfie choose to leave the baggage at the "unknown hotel

Finally, we arrived the "unknown hotel" but i got a hint that is ... it is a villa instead of hotel. Get quite excited and wanted to check-in immediately but the boyfriend talk to the receptionist for a few minutes. What i heard is they are discussing about the arrangement for tonight's dinner. Haha! Gotcha! Anyway, i still don't have a chance to take a sneak peek at the villa because they are all private luxury villa. So, I gave up and wait until the time the boyfie wanted to check-in. ='(

What i know at the moment is that the villa called The Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak.

Oh well, let's continue with our full of nature destinations. The boyfie wanted to have lunch at the restaurant 
 with the volcano view *interesting*. Bapak said it takes 2 hours to reach there *faint* He planned a nice and save time journey for us which is he will stop us all the way to Kintamani (Volcano restaurant view) for other interesting places to visit. 

First stop was Bali Rice Terraces which is located at Tengallantang. 

It's a gorgeous rice field farm. They designed it into terraces  instead of field-like is because that they may use the rain water/ water supply for the paddy flow from the top terrace to bottom terrace. This may help to save and use water effectively. Why not we practice too? >.<"

 I personally love this picture with the local farmer. 

 After swarmed by the locals to buy sarong, hair accessories, post cards and etc, finally i manage to take a few pictures of us with the gorgeous background.

 the day was quite sunny. I was sweating like a pig. But Bapak said all the way to Kintamani will be quite cold since we are all the way to the hill top. 

 I quite interested on their hand-made blanket. I use to have a traditional blanket like this, my grandmother's mother made it. But i gave it to my brother since i was young *don't even know to appreciate*. Anyway, my brother still using now.  

 the locals sell quite a lot of craft as foreigner's souvenirs.

and all this are the hunters >.<" Once you are caught on their eyes, they will NOT let you go until you buy something from them. lol. So, just don't have a any eye contact with them. hahaha!

 Continue the journey to Kintamani! Start to feel the cold wind. Aircond in no longer needed in the tour car. 

 all the way to Kintamani, there're a lot of fruit stalls like this. We decide to stop by after our lunch to buy some fruits. Finally i found Chinese in Bali. lol

there're many glass bottle filled with yellowish liquid on the road side. We wonder what is it. Yorath asked Bapak is it "teh bunga"- chrysanthemum tea? =.=" well, I told it was honey. Guess what it is? =>  It's petrol fuel. They selling patrol because there's no any patrol station around the hill. So they might need this. Prices are much expensive compare to the patrol station.

Reaching Kintamani top hill as you can see the fog and the temperature is getting lower. 

after the long hours of seating in the car until my arse nearly burn, here we are!!!!! teng teng! Lakeview Restaurant, Kintamani. Again, there're a lot of local merchants there waiting to have eye contact with us. 

Lakeview Restaurant is the most peaceful spot to dining and enjoy the view. They provide accommodation too.

 It's a buffet style lunch. They serve Balinese cuisine. Not bad though.

 Most of the people choose to dine outside which able to enjoy the view of volcano and feel the fresh cold air.
But one may not able to enjoy the volcano and the lake view if one are unlucky. Suggested that better go if it is a sunny day. So that the fog might not appear to cover the nature of beauty scenery.

 told cha not to come if it is not a sunny day, i miss out the volcano ='( got a few drops of rain some more.

 i love both of the picture because i look like traveling to China. lol. Don't you feel the background look so China-ish? >.<"

 Anyway, I manage to took the lake after the fog scattered

There it is, the gorgeous volcano which i ever seen with my bare eyes. I guess i'm quite lucky to see even though after the rain =)

After the great lunch experience, went all the way down to Tanah Lot the Bali temple on the rock before the sunset because we want to catch the beautiful sunset! However, we manage to stop a few places when going down the hill.

Here's the Coffee bean farm, Kintamani

I love the coffee bean aroma. It just keep me awake. But i don't like to drink coffee at all. >.<"

 We got to try all the sample beverage of all kind of Balinese beverage (kopi luwak, cocoa, ginger coffee, lemon grass tea and etc) Coffee doesn't suit me. The lemon grass tea is nice!

 the cocoa fruits! they got bitter-look >.<"

there is the old lady who responsible to fried the coffee bean with charcoal stove. It's not easy to fried as u see. Whereby people might need passion and endurance. It's not what you think as it's easy as frying an egg.

I'm not surprise that the prices would be expensive since it's all bali traditional local made. So, just bought a few for the parents. >.<" 

okay, it's time to move our arse! all the way, stop by Pura Tirta Empul. 

at first I'm quite afraid of all this statues. Now i found out it's one of the Bali characteristics. It symbolize Bali as well. 

 Pura Tirta Empul is a sacred spring which have a fountain of immortality. It's also called as Temple of Holy Water

 main attraction here is a long rectangular pool carved of stone and filled with koi(s)

I took this picture as the kids are so busy feeding the koi(s).

Well, this is the main pool whereby the worshipers take a quick bathe and pray for healing and spiritual merit.

The pool is full with flower petals and gives out flower aroma.  

  the traditional Balinese split gate. And again I'm with the sarong. Haha

Bali stone statues. 

there are two smaller pools fed by the spring.

they believe that this water source can heal various of diseases and surprisingly it is so damn clean!

However, we didn't bathe in the pool as we didn't bring any extra clothes with us. Moreover, we are racing with the time since we are rushing to Tanah Lot Temple,can't miss out the sunset terrace!

all the tourists came with the same purpose which is to catch the sunset terrace.

 Okay, bapak try his best to send us there but unfortunately we missed the sunset terrace due to the cloudy day. Anyway, appreciated Bapak effort a lot- he's the best driver ever!

 it's not suppose to look like this at time like this =.=" but to look like ...

this ='(

took it from google image. Fyi, the best time to visit is at 17:00 til 18:30

The temple of Tanah Lot is said to have been founded by the 16th-century priest Nirartha, one of the last priests to come to Bali from Java. Sacred temple and the sweet couple.

trying to make the titanic pose but failed!

this is the only sunset scenery we got >.<" poor thing. Maybe this is a sign to visit Bali again =P

okay, it's getting darker there. But tourists are still there. the Wave getting bigger as well.

the strong wave pounds on the rocks and foam topped on the ocean. I love this feeling, in the meantime I'm quite afraid that the wave will swallow up me. >.<"

I was there to grab some holy spring. below the rocky temple. Surprisingly, the water doesn't taste salty like the sea water. I mean it suppose to taste salty as the water is linked with the sea water. But how come it turns out to be sweet and refreshing? *many question marks bouncing on my head* I pray for health and luck in the  moment i'm washing my face and drinking the holy spring.

After many stops, we plan to return to our villa and have a good rest. I can't wait to see the villa!!!!!

 The night view in the lobby and the lounge. I smelled the fragrance of frangipani around the villa and i lovin' it!

 This is what I saw once the door opened! started with an open air living room. And also my "OMGosh!" started from that time until i'm able to shaddup. wtf

 Opposite of the living room there are the sundecks facing the private pool topping of rose petals.

 I wonder there is how many stalk of roses to occupied the whole pool.

 21st Birthday flower arrangement dedicated for me from the sweet heart. ♥

let's proceed to the room *wink* damn excited!

there is a couple of goose and welcome drinks on our arrival. Even the room is full with the fragrance of frangipani.

 don't feel like ruining the petals and the goose towels.

A piece of paradise. And Candy was there!

It's time to take my shower after a long day! but where should I bathe? ^_^

candle lights dinner was set during the time i'll still taking my shower.

yummy juicy beef dinner

we have grilled beef cooked different way for our dinner.

I told the boyfie not to be too formal, can we have our candle lights dinner at the living room so that we can watch tv while having the yummy dinner. lol

a picture of me after the dinner. Burp! *ops, sorry*

I love the private pool so much but i dare not to enter into the pool because it's damn freezing! The boyfie wanted to take a picture over the pool. So, he set the timer for the dslr and quickly run towards me and hope to capture a great photo.... but, one slippery slip ..... ..... ..... kacha!

we end up in the freezing pool
and the dslr manage to take the ugliest photo ever! yet, it's funny and unforgetable.

so cute! the boyfie with a petal on his head.

But still, we continue taking the photo that the boyfie wants *with wet clothings*

take 1- there's a frangapani on my lhs ear but it's covered

Take 2- ah huh! there it's =)

 It's so damn cold as the wind blows

all right, the last picture before i take my 2nd shower. lol

That's all for my 2nd day in Bali. =) stay tune for my 3rd and last day in Bali!

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