Saturday, July 23, 2011

My first flight - Day 1

Can't believe that I took my first flight was on between my 20th and 21st years old.
Billions thanks to my lovely boyfriend for the expensive 4 days 3 nights Bali trip. I really enjoy the trip with him. It was a memorable birthday trip ever. 

The boyfriend doesn't like to have boring birthday cake celebration on my special 21st birthday. So, this is the plan he came out with. I think he has booked/ bought the flight tickets and hotels early. This must be a long plan because I can see him everyday. Yet, I still don't know when he plans the trip. lol. *Well-done! =.=* what a dangerous person at the same time. Haha.

stop bull-shitting around. I would like to start with the first day of my trip. ^^  Prepare to get tortured by my infinity photos. *evil-laughter*

8:20am Bali flight on 28th June *I was still 20th that day*. By the way, cute not our passport holders? ^^ 

Checking-in for my first time. Call me a caveman. wtf

the cavegirl have a walk around the airport after checked-in the luggage. Fyi, we reached airport quite early. Had my breakfast at SR =)

New York cheese cake as my 21st birthday cake slice is enough to satisfied me. Slurrrrp! 

A cup of black coffee for the dearest to keep him awake and entertain the birthday girl. lol.

chubby birthday girl and the one she love the most. 

Okay, it's almost time to experience my first flight in my entire life. 

Hello kitty light and casual outfit for the trip . Teehee!

Aww great! look, who's there waiting for me? my charming airplane to Denpasar. I love airplane, don't ask me why they look so handsome to me. wtf.

A quick camwhoring in the flight. *wink*

 close-up on my outfit. 
Top & Jean short : Sister dream 
Vintage necklace : DP shop lots 

 Economy class is not bad tho. But advising big-size fella get at least a business class for a much comfortable seat. Because economy class is much suitable for Asian with smaller size body. *Especially fun-sized me, woi!* Anyway, I'm quite satisfy with their hospitality service. At least i can snuggle in with the pillow and blanket which they provided. *ohya, I'm talking about MAS*

breakfast/lunch is included in the flight ticket. I like the unlimited drinks refilling services provided by MAS. So, keep it up. 

Cadbury chocolate, juice, cheese unknown food, blanket, and magazine are just nice for a 3 hours journey flight.

One of the reasons the boyfie love MAS because he got to enjoy unlimited beer onboard. wtf.

mine looks much healthier. You are able to choose your meal base on your religious. 

A pretty view from the sky- beautiful view that i ever seen. Indonesia islands.

We departed Denpasar, Bali at 11:50am. I'm so excited when departing. lol. *small kid* Anyway, the cabin crews wished us "Happy Honey Moon!" =.=" What the hell la wey. But we didn't feel like telling them it's not.   Can't deny that Bali is such a romantic place for honey moon. Thanks for the greetings anyway. haha!

We managed to get a cab to the hotel which the mystery boyfie booked early. The Niche Bali Hotel at Kuta, Bali. I don't know how to pronounce the "Niche". >.<"  We reached there quite early than the check-in time. So, we need to wait for a few minutes at the lounge and wait they clean the room first. 

It's quite full and pack in the hotel. And all the hotel guests are ang-moh(s). We are the only Asians there. lol

Sexy bikini ang-moh girls at the swim-up pool bar. And also muscular ang moh macho man at the left side. lol

Able to check-in already. Yeah yeah!

the view from our room.

 the bed *ignore my yellowish busuk* Feel like lying down now. lol

the sink *obviously* and my kitty clothes hanging =.= 

Not to waste the precious time at the room. We asked the hotel provide a tour driver arrangement for us.
Wait at the lounge for the drive to reach. Have some refreshments at the lounge while waiting. 

lol, we're quite starving actually.

doing preparation for today's programs ^^ 

Here's the fat me. Changed to singlet due to the tropical weather in Bali. 

Yorath asked me, what does this signboard mean. =.= i said "no sex in this area please". Lol, i really got no idea what it mean. And then the toilet fee =.=" 2000 rupiah? 70cents per entry. Eh, ah neh! quite expensive lor for your dirty + small toilet. Wth. >.<"

Anyway, we have a private driver for the whole day tour around Bali for about hundred  fifty a day (price depending on hours). It's quite worthy because no distance limitation. We are quite lucky to get a nice uncle  "we called bapak". He recommended a lot of interesting places to visit, and he manage to gave us a good explanations on our curiousy and funny questions.  Okay, first recommended destination- Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

this is what happened if one is wearing shorts. Haha! Is okay for me as long as it doesn't seem ugly to me. lol, no la! it's one kind of respect towards the Bali customs. I look quite pretty with sarong actually. 

 Goa Gajah seriously is a holy place to visit.

so, a little bit of history over here. Goa Gajah is kind of Hindu-Buddha Temple or a hermitage for Buddhist monk long long time ago. 

There is a pool (Patirthaan) as a place to take the holy Tirtha water for Hindu ceremony which is located in the middle of the cave courtyard.

 we got professional photographer there. Haha! No larh, he was actually a "temple crew/temple tour guide" which explain/ tell tourists about the history of Goa Gajah. They earn from tips given by tourists? or the tips given is to built the temple or both? Whatever.

 There're quite a lot of stone-liked statues.

  the demon's gaping mouth entrance behind us is the short tunnel to the cave. 

 Ah-hah! I remember this one. He told us this is the cave something like the place where Hindu and Buddha combined. Behind us are the 3 rocks which represent the power/ spirit of elements- water, earth, and fire if i'm not mistaken.

the sides of the cave with quite a few of spaces are the place where the monks/ kings meditating. 
I love both picture! Thanks to the pro photographer. Haha!

Smart tourist climb the long flight of stairs down into the shady valley where a small waterfall awaits. The remains of a crumbled Buddhist temple rest nearby. 

 Ancient stones with carved reliefs lie strewn with boulders in the river as rushing water erases history. Once again thanks for the nature photo of us. Haha

 This is the oldest tree among all as u can see the floating roots on the ground. The balinese temple tour guide told us that the king meditating/ rest exactly the place where I sat. 

I'm wondering if the tree could hear our heard voice not? just like the Avatar movie >.<" But i believe so since the place is so holy... 

 Another meditation place for the monks. 

 Here goes the greenish paddy field at Goa Gajah.

Do i look like Nyonya? >.<"  

Okay, It's time to leave and proceed to the next destination. 

As per our conversation with our driver, our next destination would be Ubud Art Market. It's shopping time! =) 

On the way to the market we saw this cute auntie crossing the road and Yorath said "now i know why most of them look so short, they everyday carry those heavy stuffs on their head, can imaging not?" =.="

 Hunting for souvenirs! Seriously i fell in love with the bali batik dresses. So damn chio! Most interesting is that you can bargain the price with the merchant from super high price to unbelievable low price. So, not to forget to bargain with the merchants, unleast you are super rich. haha. Yorath is super pro in bargaining price skill. On the other hand, with his shallow Indonesian language he manage to tackle the sellers attention. That's why i get quite a lot of stuffs from Bali =)

Finally bought 2 batik dresses from the art market- Pasar Seni. Wore them on day 2 =) Should choose the purple one as well, quite nice also. >.<"

Look what i found? Starbucks Coffee in Ubud, Bali

After a long walk in Ubud art market, it's time to have special dinner at Jimbaran Beach! 

Dine in at one of the restaurants at Jimbaran Beach *i can't recall the name of the restaurant*. 

 a fine seafood restaurant. It's a very relaxing place to dineWorth to try!

 quite a lot of tourists went for dinner there. I noticed the locals like to set romantic mood for most of the restaurants. No wonder people consider Bali is an ideal honey moon destination.

 Our first dinner at Jimbaran Beach, Bali. And the food is omfg! I love the seafood. I love the way they cooked the seafood. I effing in love with Balinese food. Gosh, make me hungry now. This is what i hate to blog about food. >.<"  

 They got variety of seafood and the ways to cook. According to our driver, he said one may consider rich if one manage to enjoy prawns as one of the dishes for the dinner because prawns is extreme expensive in Bali and i would like to know about the reason too. We ordered prawns as well. the price was like 1kg for hundreds Malaysia Ringgit... it's like super unreasonable =.=

Thanks to the boyfriend for the exquisite beach dining experience.  ^^

After had our dinner, went back to hotel and took shower due to the stickiness of the beach wind. Then went to have my very first full body massage at one of the reflexology centers in Kuta. Not really comfortable with the service since they need me to take-off my clothing included my bra! *Wtf* which make me feel super uncomfortable =.=" I understand that i have to do so because i chosen full body message which is super fml. >.<" I don't like others to touch my body!  But frankly say, after the massage, I manage to sleep like a pig til the next morning. Have a try if u got super slim body and big pretty boobs. So that u can show off your body. lol!

That's all for the tiring yet enjoyable day 1 at Bali! Stay tune for the rest! ^^ 


  1. wah so lucky.. nice trip! :)

  2. nice! i wan to go to Bali too! :)

  3. first flight is always the best to enjoy ~ walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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  5. Awwww.... Such a sweet & romantic 21st b'day gift from your bf! First flight to Bali some more! Plus point!