Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm back from the dead ☠

Bonjour! I have been missing for months I know. Anyhow, I'm back with loads of photosssss! Frankly says i only remember the recent happenings. lol. Anyway, i'll try my best to blog all.

My blog is so dead because of no internet access at my current accommodation. Oh yea, I'm currently staying at PJ due to my workplace located at Puchong. Hell ya, I'm working now although I love college life. Sometimes is good to explore the world earlier, whereby u know how horrible the societies are. So, after my internship programme, we had bitch fun over movida with colleagues and boss. 

I, Regina and May. *miss them so muchie*

 from the left: Zeo, I and Angeline on the left photo

here goes the girls. Where's the birthday girl huh? 

 a birthday surprise for Ms Ee vonne ^^ advance birthday surprise for her !

the birthday girl. 

 took photo with both couple dressing person. lol! unfortunately they are not couple .. hahaha! It's just so coincident that they wore the same strippy clothes. >.<"  Ivan and Charlene.

 group photo: ACA shawties

 Group photo: ACA shawties + 1 bloody IS guy from MMU =.=" 

 our beloved boss

 i personally like this photo so much. Haha!

 group photo 

group photo and I'm effing ugly. 

Hope to see them again. Will miss all the precious times we spent together. Love ya all! 
The next day, I went to DP and had lunch with them during their break time. *just can't get use of the time not sticking with them* lol. 

 Sushi King for lunch. Ee vonne's favorite. 

 2 admin and 1 CS 

 the second batch internship ah moi-shan zhi aka kipas/ fan lol. 

 me and ee vonne again ... 

 we have t-bowl as dinner and it taste sucks. wtf 

 Shan Zhi, Angeline, Me and the fruity shit ice-cream.

that's the last day i stick with them like gum. 

Left ACA and I'm back to my bloody pale face. My face seriously need fresh air. No more BB cream, foundation and other heavy make-up. It's just bloody me. >.<" 

Let's put a knot on my internship programme here. Bye lovely days! keep them as sweet memories