Friday, July 8, 2011

Malacca and KL

Hello again, why am i creating such title for my post? Well, it's regarding my recent inconsistent life. Candy's is staying separately with her family? how can this be huh? it's just like a homesick girl trying to be as independent as an strong woman. No way... uh-huh~ Therefore I visit my hometown almost every weekends. If not i'm gonna miss them like a lot! and my parents gonna miss my baby like more than a lot! lol... they are like the grannies of my sugie. 

sugie in his comfy travelling cage. I bring him along when i'm going back to Malacca. 

Ohya, before starting my new job, I had a enjoyable week to prepare myself before start my new job. So, me and ee vonne went out shop for nail liquors =). I end up having colorful finger nails due to my greediness of testing all the colors. Haha! I also manage to bought some nail liquors for myself and some nail decorations thingy *I don't really know  how people call them*

 colorful nails after trying variety of nail liquors from different shops. 

the nail "accessories" i bought for medicure/ pedicure purpose. 

Cute or not? those thingy doesn't come with the box. We bought the box from Mr. DIY .

my first self-medicure. lol, I'm extreme poor in this. But just to give myself a try. After that leave everything aside wi th spider webs around. lol! Medicuring is not my hobby i can say that. This is something that i can do  when I'm extreme bore or free. Haha! Because I'm inpatient type.

After 7 days of lazy week, I bring up my staffs to KL and start my working life onward. Life is hectic at KL, nothing is better than Malacca whereby parents and friends are there unlike KL. Although the salary they offered was out of my expectation, yet the work load are not what i expected too. Anyway, no point to keep thinking negatively *that's what yorath thought me*. So think from the bright side, at least i get to be with my boyfie everyday and i get to eat snowflakes like once a week! haha. Yup, i stay nearby snowflakes. 

muahahaha! the buzzzz-zy beeping UFO. 

Snowflake ftw! 

My favorite! Soya series~ 

Yorath gave a try on this. The taroball series. not bad tho. But I prefer soya series due to I'm a soy lover. Hehe.

Other than that, I stay near to Sunway Giza as well. So, I and the boyfie went to FullHouse have a try on the food and environment since people keep posting those photos took from FullHouse. We had a try on the food.. errr, the food is so-so and not much variety. I prefer a proper menu as well rather than magazine-kind menu. Environment is not bad since i love clean and white concept. Advised that is better to look for a better restaurant if one is planning to have proper dinner. FullHouse for me is only a short term curiously.

Some photos taken from FullHouse before heading to Genting Highland.

the so-so food we ordered.

went to the bedroom concept and take pictures like what others did when they visited the place. wtf

I found a lovely dinner dress. But the price is not worthy. So, let's put it back. lol

Play with the accessories like others. lol, feeling like so kiasu. >.<"

here's the last one. *finally*

Besides, my workplace nearby Hush Puppies warehouse. We're able to snatch the newest stock whenever there's a whole sales. Not bad after all. *But still malacca the best*

I bought 2 cute milky color sleeping boxer shorts.

 I love this the most because the size is just "ngam" for me =)

the polka dot boxer short. Bought the wrong size. T^T 

Ohya, how u guys celebrate your daddy's day? my brother born on the day before father's day. So, we plan to celebrate both together on Saturday.  I have been crashing my head and squeezing my brain juice just to plan where to celebrate. Finally, I chosen Bistro 1673 Melaka. I never been there before, I just saw one of my friend posted some pictures of the environment at Bistro 1673 and shared it on facebook *Yup, fb is useful*. Planned to give a try there *problem solved*. Me and the boyfriend went there and have a look on the menu and made  the reservation. At night, we had our dinner with the family over there. Nothing is precious than having dinner with the family. =)

 I'm glad they enjoy the dinner

the birthday boy and the father of the day =)

 Happy family

I love this picture although I'm effing the fat & ugly!

A beautiful smiles from both of them. Once again happy birthday and happy father's day!

Okay, stop here. Another quick update has done! bravo! got to sleep now, tomorrow have to wake up damn early to avoid from the morning traffic jam. This is what i hate about KL. Goodnight pals! stay tune for my birthday post. ^^

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