Saturday, April 23, 2011

Live glamorously

Yellow peeps! try to blog all random life of my hectic life, but it's special to me =)

Since I'm so hardworking to update my blog, I should give myself a crown to wear as to appreciate my effort of blogging *wtf, I know I'm so shiok sendiri*

this is the day (Last Saturday) me and Shin Yuu members went to Muar for food hunting. =) So excited because it's Food!

Outfit of the food hunting day- cute top and short jeans from DP boutique

a little bit of touch up on the chubby face.

went to try Muar ikan bakar medan don't know what *forgot the name because the food taste okay okay only* But, still felt happy because we (Shin Yuu group) hardly had the time to hang out together.

that's all for the Saturday food hunting *it's quite fail actually, lol*


the next day(Sunday) Yorath spent my Sunday by waiting his car to be done for modifying. Fml

my day wasted for sitting in the car and napping. 

Anyway, I have been enjoying the internship days with the other internship friends by enjoying our lunch and dinner, watching movie too.

Angeline and me having our dinner at SR before heading to the cinema.

Talking about the movie thingy, both of my internship friends brought their boyfie along. And guess what, I'm sitting at the center of both couples =.= and i feel like blaming Yorath for working outstation and made me a light bulb at the center of two pairs of lovey dovies >.<"
No more next time because the light bulb feel sucks! wtf. Anyway, 3 pairs of couples including me and yorath went for the same movie again and this time non of us feel fml and i enjoy watching 2 times >.<" lol. Yup, "the ghost must be crazy". Quite entertaining me.And I spent quite a lot for the month. Movies, meals, clothing, now I'm quite demanding for the Modeling Heels >.<" lol. Maybe next month I'll buy it!

Silver or White nicer? There're 4 colours. The reminding are black and gold. *but i'm lazy to put on and snap* lol.

Wait for me, heels! I'll definitely bring U backie!

Celebrating Daddy's birthday on 14th April =) A simple one but mom plan for this. Happy belated birthday to daddy once again.

KFC variety bucket for the small family =) *my bag can match with the plastic bag >.<"*

okay, stop counting the candles please =.=" *that's not the true age*

I know I'm ugly here >.<" anyway, i forced daddy to do the same pose with me.

Brother and daddy having his cutting cake ceremony. lol

A simple birthday celebration made daddy smile for the rest of the days =) Happy birthday!

Food hunting again!
Since the Muar Food Hunting trip was quite not success, so they plan another & a better one on the other Friday =) ... To the Jogoya! since they have promotion "2 persons in 1 price"

cyn and me- while waiting our turn to enter the restaurant

camwhore queens were there. lol. Need to wait for 30 minutes for our turn. So, the girls choose to walk around and we did fully utilized the 30 minutes with quite lot'sa camwhored photos.

the very first one. Fun mirror made us owned fat and short hips.

-Fisherman's cove & The village bar-

-Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant-

don't know where and the fountain near Tarbush 

After camwhoring at the luxury restaurants part, we went to the Mariott Hotel and pretend that we are going to stay there >.<" lol, i know it's super lame.

pretending like walking to the lobby part and i totally got no idea why lil cyn's hand posing over "there" . Should ask her what pose is that >.<" 18+ pose? or she got penis o0o over there? *kan lil boy love to press their down part there when they got nothing to do?* >.<" lol!!!!!!!!! wtf. Cyn is gonna hate me for this. 

okay, I love Cyn's pose in this picture =) and i hate my pose in that picture =.=" 

okay... fully utilized the 30 minutes. Stomach start to growling like hell. Is time to stuff all the food into our tummies! 

Me and Cyn were like super KiaSu. We cut the line and snatch all the food >.<" sound so hating! It's like 2 aunties squeezing in the pack and choose the 3 for 10 dollar panty >.<" and i'm sure you will feel like slapping us. Hahaha! Sowie, I'm just having fun with Cyn snatching food.

i love the tong shui *that's why i put 3 hearts there* every time i have my Jogoya, never forget to scoop a bowl of sugar cane bamboo + carrot slices tong shui <--- i name it myself >.<" 

Fuuuuuuah~ Mashmellow mountain. Cyn loving this especially can deep into the chocolate. We was like walking and eating or stand at there and eat . lol, because it's too far to walk back to our table. 

Sorry for the blur-ness because she can't stand still since she is over exciting with her mushmellow bathing in the chocolate fountain. =.="

orange heritage light effect make good photos. 

guess where is this? >.<" okay, it's the toilet. lol

Häagen-Dazs is love! Especially the Mango and Green Tea Flavor! Taste so fresh~

After the lunch, we caught in the jam while heading to Puchong and met up Yorath. When to 1U for Sticky Candy! And missed up Snowflake again. Fml. 

Anyway, Me and Lil Cyn are Sticky Candy's fans. So, both of us are super craving for that. Hooped into the shop and start choosing the candies. *I want all!*

Traditional hand made yummy!

Yorath, can i bring 'em home? ....please~ 

 here you go, 2 sticky candy's showgirls and the winner of the day! -Aco Tan. lol. No larh >.<" 

Wappy happy day with Shin Yuu group. 
 I know, it's another post with lost of pictures and nonsenses. haha! read it! I blog for hours.

stay tune for my "Pai Zabo" post.


  1. wtf... @@ i juz simply put my hands there...@@ i didn't wan to cover anything..@@

  2. nice fish sambal and the heels looks great too, like the colour.