Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Shooting

peepo... I'm back! *leaving malacca few hours later* going muar for FOOD hunting with Shin Yuu group i guess! woots! so excited. Plus i got my first internship allowances already! *and i spent all already* lol ... shh, Yorath gonna kill me if he saw this post. 

This post i'm gonna post all the random photos that i have accumulated for quite long.
Fyi, somebody shaved my crayon Shin-chan's eyebrows >.<" *for free* lol. Story comes like this, of of the student forgot to bring a model for her make-up class. So, she come out and hunt for me, and request me to be her model. lol~ i was "errr, how many colours this time for the eye make-up? *bcoz i don't wanna turn out like a peacock feather*" Sitting in the make-up room for hours ... she used 1 hour to shave my eyebrown >.<" ya, it's like bushes ... super afraid she don't know how to trim >.<" *ya, i doubt on her shaving skill* .. but not bad after all *God blessed me, thankiew* haha! now i got no more crayon Shin-chan's eyebrown, but okay-okay's eyebrown" lol..

naked face after removing the make-up. I'm still searching for my previous crayon Shin-chan's eyebrows photo... *playing shark-coming's music* ....

tadang! Just figured out she trimmed a bit only. Not much different. All i can see is my eyebrows length are shorter now.

my crayon Shin-chan's eyebrows

then the after make-up ... with OFFICE brand cosmetics.

smooky eyes make-up i guess..  not bad

What next? hmm.... yaya.... i finally bought the lagging which i have hunting for so long =')

quite loving it.

And here's my very first time of photo shooting. Quite fun anyway... =) But i'm fat in the photos. lol

thanks to my hubby yorath for the photo shooting experience. =)

After that my next photo shooting was with Angeline =) Looking forward to the photo outcomes. The photographer still haven't send us the photos. Hope it's worth for the wait.

theme of the day was like kinda funky punky. But we fail to show the expression which is quite cool that kind @_@ got no idea how to describe. The picture turn out like this ...

wtf =.="

Hmm... what else?
Currently Yorath is working at KL, basically now I'm single but not available. lol *starting to miss him again* wtf. the day before he went to KL, we had McD lunch together.

some touch-up on myself that day. Kinda look like chindian. =.="

super loving this nail colour. Bought it at Elianto on the day shopping with Eevonne. *I hope i didn't spell wrong her name this time.*

nice or not? a friend of mine said the nail colour make my hand look even darker ='( do u think so? *btw, this photo was taken while i'm having satay celup with family* >.<"

here you go. Yorath and Max creation. Bangalow for the sugie. lol...  


I know it's super sudden. Because I got to go! Food are first to win! lol...


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  1. tell ur boi, portrait, focus the eye area...
    night shot, steady hand (or tripod loh)...for me i skip for night shot...=P

    and portrait dont cut leg cut hand cut head...
    either head shoot(just face), half body (until waist) or full body...
    im koyak in portrait photo oso wan...
    practice make perfect... ;) den u oso can practice more in posing bla bla bla...

    model wanabe~