Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello! I'm finally done with the photo editing and the video is not done at all =.=" Actually I siap sedia with this post already, just waiting the damit video which i think is cool! *wtf, sibeh buay paiseh

This post's title actually should be "Pai Zabo". But I don't think Pai Zabo suit my post (means bad women in hokkien) because of doing ....something *shh* Don't feel to tell you guys first that's why i put "peek-a-boo". It's something which is very small matter but people (friends around) doesn't think I'll be doing it because my face look like guai-guai-kind. I shall tell my friends "don't judge a book by it's cover". For them, it's a surprise. *evil laughter* but most of my colleagues found out already. They feel shock as well anyway. 

Mother's Day coming soon! So, i tattooed my mum on my arm. lol! *No larh* obviously that was edited >.<" Anyway, what's the plan on mother's day? Bring them out for a fantastic dinner? hmmm... I'm still not sure will i need to work on that day not *upset*. Carnations will be her favorite I believe =). I ordered steamed cup cakes for my mum. Evonne is doing the business! come come, the price are cheap *u can't find any cheaper than this anymore*  can customize your own designation some more. =)
why not pay a visit on her blogspsot? steam me cupcake 

okay, back to Peek-A-Boo topic.

so what thing made people view i'm a PaiZabo?
*ignore my hand bulu, i know i'm very furry anyway* I effin' love my bangles! never stop loving it >.<" Bought it back from MooMoo boutique at Aeon Shopping Mall. Do i look like pai zabo with this bangles? Noooooo ~ i don't think so!

Okay, do i look like pai zabo because i got muscular fat arms? =.= Noooooooo~ feel like sucking out my fats in my arms and donate the fats to those effing thin people =.=" Don't wanna be so buiy (fat in hokkien)!

I know this sounds funny, but still ... Do i look like Pai zabo if i put my tougue out? but if u said i look buay paiseh then i admit larh >.<" hahaha! Wey, it's quite cawaii okay! wtf  *slap me*

Okay larh, i don't want to beat around the bush already! Story comes like this. On the don't-know-which-Sunday, I and Yorath went for movie and lunch with Max and his gf. Evening, we went to Jonker Street with another pair. Gotta recommend the durian fried popiah at Jonker Street, is mad delicious! Those durian fans should go and try it. It's just a small stall operating at Jonker Street. They sell durian fried popiah, durian tart and another one i don't know how to describe >.<" just go and try it. 3 pcs for RM5. I love durian fried popiah the most! Argh!!!!! make me hungry now...

outfit of the don't-know-which Sunday. Baby singlet : Dees  Jeans short: Hatten's link bridge boutique

my tiring look caused by the industrial training stress. wth and i think it's a time to have a hair cut moment. I'm turning into siao poh soon with this thick chucky hair.

After the long walk *Yorath bought me the hand-made crystal necklace* i love it because it's cheap and nice on me. *That's call worthy!* and I can feel it brings good luck to me, lol. On the way going to the car park, the 3 guys kept talking about tattoo thingy, they are psyco-ing Max to go for his another leg with tattoo. Then he psyco-ed me back because they know I'm demanding for a tattoo for quite long already. Psyco here psyco there, end up driving toward the tattoo place =.=" wtf. 

went to Jitan's tattoo studio. Everyone was waiting me to do the tattoo thingy =.=". they are like super abnormal. Because they look so exciting if i'm having a tattoo! even the tattoo artist too =.=" wtf. They can't wait to watch and destroy a virgin skin >.<" because most of the people going for tattoo is already with tattoos. *hope u get what i mean* lol. super abnormal thinking!

I don't know why i want the tattoo to be a crown. I guess I'm hoping people to treat me as I'm a king >.<" and i rule my world! *slap me again!* tiara also not bad, but crown better, seem like more powerful because got more authorities.
Since I'm furry, Jitan has to shave all my back's bulu first before he sketch the crown on my neck. lol.

 me and the snoopy girl *she's a snoopy fans* next time she gonna tattoo a huge portrait on her back! wtf. I hope she's kidding me >.<" because she a mum of a cute baby *not related i know* =) mother's day coming! 

I was mad nervous when checking Jitan whether he change a new needle not *ya, should make sure before it's too late* and I keep asking pain or not? like for infinity time >.<" until the tattoo artist wanna hit me with chair, lol. No larh! see ... Max was so excited! =.="

Here's the video recorded at the begining of my first poke. Yorath recorded it since it's my very first tattoo in my entire life, so must record. wtf.  Enjoy the few minutes video >.<"

here goes i gave myself a poke on my back.
BZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!  I'm actually laughing for quite a moment because it's not painful and i don't know why?! >.<" It's so ticklish! Maybe my nerves on my back are very sensitive, maybe the vibration of the tattoo tool make me feel ticklish, or maybe I'm abnormal. =.=" I don't know. Since it's not painful for me, I'm thinking of adding wings or ribbon knot between my name some days. 

BZZZZZZZZZ for about 45 minutes, I'm done!

So, who's the king now? lol... i rule my world ~ 

peek-a-boo! Nobody take the picture for me ='( so, i got quite cacat one here

day 2- the skin starting to peel off, gotta splash lotion on top of it and rub it to remain the brightness. I got to do some diet on my meals too. No chicken, no poisoning fish, no seafood, bla bla bla bla..... Jitan keep remind me not to eat poisoning food. But who cares~ hahaha!

completely well now. So, when is the next time to add on wings or ribbon knot? hmmm.... I wan something pink! mostly will go for the ribbon knot. No no... wings better... errr, or both? wth.

So, next time if u saw me but you can't make sure it's candy not, just watch my back. wtf. there's my name on my neck, so u can say Hi confidently to the right person. lol. okay, stop bull shitting around.
Anyway, i hope my friend doesn't view me like i'm a pai zabo or whatever. Just to say that, girls with tattoo doesn't symbolize they are bad. It's the same with girls with spec and long sleeve tee doesn't really seem like a daddy's girl too. You might meet them at night pubs smoking their cigar as well. lol, just like u might not believe a girl with tattoo love blogging too. >.<" nah, lot's of girls with tattoo nowadays and they own a good personality as well! But, before you having your first poke, think deeply will you regret on the next second? That's why i choose to do a tiny tattoo and it's hidden under my hair because I'm not sure will i regret not >.<" so far, I'm still in love with it, it's kinda upset since i can't really see the tattoo because i can't turn my head 360 degree =.=" should tattooed at the front. lol! just kidding.
So, belly-piecing, and tattoo were tried. What next? Bungee Jump? lol! I don't dare >.<"

"Happy Mother's day!"

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