Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hot weather ☀

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Even the tap water also can boil an egg, the road can burn my feet and I got mouth ulcer due to the hot weather *seriously*. Give lot'sa people lot'sa stress especially me. I'm having my bloody final in such a torrid weather make me fell sick for a couple of times.

Baby sugie use to sleep properly like a little baby. Yea, i know he is baby since i name him baby sugie, but i mean  he sleep this way ....

sleep "baby-ly"

Because of the effing hot weather, he no longer snuggling on his comfy blanket. and sleep not so "proper" anymore -.-"

 At first, he showed me his butt. But i forgive him for such offensive manner because I didn't taught him manners before -.-" lol

and then, he is getting over and over and sleep like this....

At the first sign i saw this, my heart was beating super hard i swear and i almost drop my tears! I thought he was dead because of the effing hot weather.  But then, I look closer and I yelled at him loudly "Baby!!! wake up!!!" He was being stunned by my stupid bitchy loud voice.

 thank God, he is still alive and still look so charming. 
*ya, he barks. Don't believe just find it on Youtube*

But, still ... he sleep "improperly"~ sigh...

Now, he started to show me his cock. wtf ! I should buy him undies or ... thongs? since he like to sleep with his "kang-kang" legs lol!

Doing my bloody revision in such hot weather. Apparently, I got no mood to study at all *because all the notes are so dull, colorless , and so wtf*
told ya, "colorless" except my pens *okay, i lied. I use black-white effect and focus my pens* lol
all the subjects make me nuts in the hot weather!! *i got no idea what am i talking about*
some candid photos during fml-final-exam days ...

u can skip these. Just wanna release my effing hot weather and exam stress

 but now, no more exam for me!!!! ^^ so I look a bit chio-er without exam-stress 

 I know this is a pointless post. 
...I know I'm lame, but it's A-Okay... 

stay tuned for my super delay v-day post! =D


  1. err.. what kind of pet is that? squirrel?

  2. Ronaldmohani: i bought last year when it's kinda famous to rear it... the price is slightly higher than now. I bought RM300. but current maket price is abt RM240

    gabanMorka: it's sugar glider. =) they can be taught

  3. It's cute!!!! Good Luck in your exam & be cheerful although the weather is burning :)