Monday, February 21, 2011

Bunny CNY 2011

Imma blog about first day and second day of CNY after i done the Bunny CNY 2011 Eve.
Emm... but I forgot most of them dy .... lol >.<

Fyi, I'm a fans of bak-gua. *but, I'm only activate the bak-gua-fans-behavior on cny* so, almost every cny I'm a sick cat due to the cny weather and consuming too much of bak-guas.

 simple outfit of the day

= Yorath and I =

The whole day i was like staying at Yorath's house collecting angpows and bringing wealth luck to Yorath by sitting beside him while he was playing majong >.<" lol. 

 The night scene of the cute muffins! So cute, all busy flaming the fireworks and burning the road with fireworks =.="

poor Yorath's aunt, she have to keep lighting up the fireworks for the cute muffins. And if u stop giving them, they shout and start to cry -.-"

Then day 2 of CNY- Chor 2, I was not feeling well and i stay at grandpa house quite awhile then me and Yorah brought his sister's daughter to the "Asia Pacific Fun Fair" at night since every year we are the one who responsible to bring her there *coz Yorath love kids a lot i guess*.  No picture taken because i'm suffering for mild fever and MC pain. wtf 
That's how I celebrate CNY 2011 =.=" I know it sounds boring. But then I went to PD with Shin Yuu group on Chor 3 and Chor 4. Stay tuned for the PD trip. 


  1. saya nak jadi kawan awak. Singgah dan follow awk... Nanti kalau ada masa singgahlah ke blog saya ek. keep in touch :)

  2. Blogwalking~ I don't really like bak gua but I found one bak gua with almond in it, quite nice! =)