Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bunny CNY 2011 Eve

Rebloged: Hell yea! Finally I'm exam-free! I mean forever. *wow!* Yea, I'm not gonna further my study to degree because of some family problems. So, it's okay. It's not a bad choice after all. Think from the bright side, I enter the reality society earlier than others who same-aged with me. Therefore, I probably will gain more experience then them =). So u guys don't undervalue or underestimate me i tell ya!
My whole course is not end yet before I finish my internship for 3 months. So, probably now I'm going for internship. Not gonna mention about where's my internship started because I don't really like the job and i start without accompany anyway. Gonna tell after the IT program or I start to love the job. 
So, no more crystal craps.
 I'm gonna blog all the accumulated pots that i suppose to do it during my Finals.

Sorry for the detention of my bunny CNY 2011 post. I know it's effing late now. lol. *bobian, I'm dealing with the bloody finals*

I got no idea where to start, I guess I just blog according the pictures I have *sorry* Don't worry, I got very short cny-days coz the rest of the days i use to study for finals.

Polaroid photo of us by my lovely cousin- Joseph *I put a love near my grandpa ah gong because i love him a lot!*

I guess i start with the reunion cny eve. My family and I when to my grandpa house for reunion lunch like every year. Because all of my relatives came back and there's just like no where else like family-meeting point. Everyone is all grown up. We used to be little kids last time, now we are all ladies and gentleman. lol. Some of them just came back from overseas.

Our latest family portrait
*the Singapore aunties all missed the family photo since they're not coming for reunion lunch but will arrive Malaysia on the first second day of cny*

 The so-called "all-grown-up" group. All my cousins and nieces and my effing thin brother in black tee -.-"

The Angel and so-called charlie angels by the mummies 

the mummy of the two Chindian angels

girl talks with Ashlyne

The 3 sisters in the front yard. My mummy look like korean um-ma

-lol! I didn't have any pixi of reunion lunch >.<" i guess everyone is craving for food. haha-

After many chit-chatting, we went back and prepare reunion dinner. This year we are not having reunion dinner at my daddy's mama house since she just done her arm operation. She requested to have reunion dinner at our house this time. Again, no pixi taken because they are much "typical chinese" than my mama's side. They got kinda lot of family rule while eating. So, I might not dare to take pixi while the food is done. lol *sound so strinct* 

After the strictly reunion dinner, we went back to lovely grandpa house since Joseph bought Yee Shang for the lovely mixed family. Fyi, this is my very first time tossing and eating Yee Shang. wtf *i know i'm a caveman cavegirl larh* We choose to have Yee Shang tossing in the kampung plate? bowl? idk it suppose to be plate or bowl -.-" 

again, no tossing photo of everyone since everyone was having the tossing-fun >.<" lol. The only pixi i got is this and the rest i look fugly, so i don't wanna upload. *bluek*

the robotic bunny Tee *bcoz it's bunny year* presented by my cousin. *thankiew*

He is currently a teens fun tee designer in Singapore. So, if anyone would like to seek for group tee with collar or without collar, may just contact  Joseph   *that's his FB* kindly inbox him for further information.

That's all for the Cny Eve. It's a great and warm day with the lovely big family. Love you guys!

Stay tuned for the next post


  1. so many leng lui in yr family! =D

  2. isaac Tan: it's bigger if all of them were there =)

    ronaldmohoni: yup, once a year. so, must make it nice

    kar xin: lol.. and leng zai as well XD

  3. wow!! nice family pics u got there >_<