Sunday, August 15, 2010


 it's Wednesday! ^^ i love Wednesday =)

Baskin Robins for the pinky Wednesday and GSC movie for RM6 on Wednesday ^^

Me and Yorath go for Movie and Baskin every Wednesday. Gonna show u guys what movies i'm watching recently. We had watched "The Jade and the Pearl" on previous wednesday which i don't encourage others watch for it. It's SUCK and STUPID!!!!! 

The Jade and the Pearl

 and previous Wednesday we watched "Inception". Great! I rate 4 stars out of 5 for this movie. It's so cool! ^^ It's talking about sci-fiction actions set within the architecture of the mind. They talk about Dreams. Complicated dreams with many layers. And the trailer is so cool in this site!!!! ----> Inception Trailer 
I wonder who is this guy writing, producing and filming this Movie... And guess what, i found out that he is Christopher Nolan!!!! No wonder larh! the movie turns out great! Or maybe i should briefly introduce him. ^^ Christopher Nolan is a British-American. He is a well known Film director, screenwriter, actor, costume designer and also producer. Well, *Prove it!*

His great/ awasome Filmography :

He is the director of :-

  • Memento

  • Isomnia

  • Batman Begins

  • The Prestige

  • The Dark Knight

  • Inception

  • Batman 3 (coming soon)

La Comedie Humaine
Main characters are Chapman To Man-Chat and Wong Cho-Lam. Both of them are mad hilarious. =) It's a comedy but idk why it spells " la comedie humaine" (french language).

This is cute!!!!!!! i love Agnes!!!! her voice mad cute. Voiced by Elsie Fisher little girl. Should watch it for those who haven't watch. Funny and Touching movie. And guess what, it's Universal Studio production!! =)

hmm ... not really love this movie. It's kinda bored. Still ok larh ... hehe! but most of the audiences very satisfied with the movie. Maybe it doesn't came out what i expected. 

 Today i'm going to watch Lee Hom production!!!!!! "Love in disguise" mad excited ^^

i love lee hom!!!! He is so charm!!!!

Oh well, i really don't know what the hell i'm blogging. >.<" haha! Anyway, enjoy the post bah >.<" Ouing with the bf now. =) see ya !

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