Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm back to blog!

Bello peeeepows! I'm glad to be here again blogging my life *Excited*. Many of you are wondering what has happened to me, getting lost for months. Well, it was just like went through a long nightmare and finally I have woke up from it and continue my awesome life like now. *Thanks to those who stand by my side and support me when i was being stuck in my past* ^^ I'm fine and I feel alive everyday! 

Okay, let's proceed with the awesome life I have, instead of storytelling the dramatic pasts. But I never regret for being with him, he is a great guy after all. The last post stopped at "fuxk yea" which I lost all my photos in my phone, Lol. This great return should blog about something happy. A few post before I did mentioned that I'm busy looking for house and... Yup, I have shifted and remain there til now. But I refurnished my room after Yorath and I broke-up. *He flew to Aussie if you're curious where he is now*  

So there is a huge change in the room. I always wish to have a room with my own design but that time nothing boost me up to start at all *Excuse from a lazybum, lol! Nay, I'm not lazy, I'm just on my energy saving mode XD* OKAY, STOP THE CRAPS. 

I always dream for a calming & cozy room with a dressing area, mini couch and TV in my bedroom and a mini wine section. I'm so gonna make it come true although I have a limited space. Lol! Nothing is impossible if you plan well and never give up.

Most of the inspirations came from those home living/deco websites *did a lot of research on the internet*. So finally I have made my mind to have a noble themed room as I'm quite into simple yet modern/trendy deco. But before that I have straggling on the idea between noble and retro theme. End up I choose noble theme after a long week of deciding. After I'm clear about what theme I'm choosing, I started to hunt for furniture. That time was even straggle because too much of tempting furniture designs and I almost give up my noble theme and just buy whatever I like. Lol. Luckily I'm still firm enough to stay with my noble theme, or else my room gonna be super colourful and messy-looking again.

Before that, the room was like a "bangla room" with lotsa colourful mattress.

Almost every corner you can't find a tidy area XD

Another messy corner

Windows with flora printed-curtain *stolen from my mum, that's why*

The bathroom after cleaned up 

Spent a lot to customize the room. 10K ++ flew like a wind.

Re-painted the whole room again because previously it's just a layer of water-based paint. Re-painted the whole room with white oil paint and chosen two wall as the main wall for grey matte paint. One of the mini main wall for my mini TV watching section. Consumed about 2 - 3 months to complete the whole bedroom.

The other main wall for the bed placing area.

Mini TV watching area with a little wine wall mount for wine lover like me. Also installed the L-shape rack for photo frame placing and some junk food.

Mini chilling area where used to be Fatty's bungalow area.

Besides, I have installed the curtain rod to separate the bedroom, and my little fitting area which attached with the bathroom. Added simple comfy lighting at the fitting area, so that it's not so dim here after fit in the curtains.

These bulbs is damn difficult to search! I fall for this bulb after dining at Absolute Thai. Bought this big bulbs from one of the lights shop nearby IOI Mall. 

It's quite messy because I have lot of clothes. It turns out to be a very small fitting room after placing my clothes.

Fitted in the curtain! Yea, you must be wondering most of the things I got from IKEA. XD I noticed my room look so dull and greyish. So I decided to change the lights in my room too.

This is how it turns out after I change the normal white light to the yellow one.

Nothing much difference here. Just installed a few racks and replaced the old fashion curtain rod to the modern one and of cause need to change the curtains. 

 Added Paris Eiffel Tower wallpaper on the wall beside the bed. I love Paris Eiffel Tower a lot! 

 A small reading area with Hello Kitties and Domokun.

Next, proceed to the bathroom make over.
DIY-ed the bathroom door with the pink sprayer. 

Since the room is so greyish, I shall make the bathroom much colorful if not i might die of boredom. So, I choose pink.

Before that the bathroom is with tiles or mosaic. I always hope to have a Balinese theme of bathroom. So I bought the wooden-like PVC for the bathroom flooring.

 The wood tiles are so not cheap! Bought them from HouseDepot Damansara.

I used 2 days without taking my nap to finished up the wooden floor tile. Putting so much of effort to do this. Measure, cutting and to glue. 

Almost give up on the toilet bowl edges. Got fed up for cutting and wasting the tile just to fit the round area.

But I'm happy with my effort on this hardcore job because I just loving the outcome.

And bought this toothpaste squeezer from =) 

Okay, That's all for today. Gonna take a short nap now! See ya on my next post.


  1. Awwwwww, double thumbs up for your effort. You forgotten to show the before/after balcony! :D

    1. Thanks. Balcony? Maybe on my next post? XD

  2. nice roooommmm!! i love it. and hss towel? harharhar i miss you!

    1. I miss u too my dear! HAHA, HSS towel