Friday, January 18, 2013

Resolution 2013

Hi peeps! This will be my very first post in year 2013. 
Everyone has already did theirs before new year. Me is after new year only start to set up my resolution >.<"  *head scratching* Yea, I'm always slower than others. So, 2013 is here and I have started to think about the new beginning *just started* . Don't wanna plan first in case the so-called "dom day" is here, at least I'm not wasting my time and brain juice to think about new resolutions. Hahaha! Craps! Com-mon!  

Okay, mistakes and unforgettable incidents made me a much mature girl every year. I'm still learning and gaining more and more experiences from work and life. What I'm trying to achieve in this year are: 

1. To boost my confidence!
I'm considered a much introvert, or should I say I'm a very introverted/passive person. I will always help myself to think to the worst than to think positively. So, I can accept thing comes to the worst, and got over excited when thing goes smooth and successful. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad. Besides, I'm not an outspoken person. I only talk a lot with the person who I feel comfortable with and/or close to. Mom and the bf says I'm lack of confidence. That's why I need to be an extrovert! I'm trying~ Becoming an introvert is not a bad thing tho. At least I think a lot. =) but I'm extrovert in heart and blog. Lol

2. Learn something new!
I do not hope to stop at here as there are still a lot of skills and knowledge to be adapted! Everyday I'm learning new English words *I wanna boost up my English too!*. And something that might not be good or not interested but just to experience like hmm ... learn to smoke? lol 
Year 2012: cooking skill improved, clear about my job, learnt new features of Microsoft Excel and etc.
Year 2013: 1. Well, I've tried to smoke on 8 Jan 2013. It's something Wow but I'm not addicted. 
                  2. Think maturely, filter and everything before throwing out any words. Because I hate people 
                      speak without thinking. It really hurts.
                  3. Learn to be more femininity. Wtf. *ops, did I just says something "femininity"?* 
                  4. Learn to speak English fluently. *I'm reading most of my time, Wattpad is the best!!! Go and
                      download for books lover*      
                  5. Learn to speak my own dialect! I can't even make a sentences of my own dialect man! And  
                      I'm Hakkanese. What a shame. Still learning.
                  6. Wanted to learn any music instrument, probably putting piano in the first place. *but this one 
                       can wait!* 

3. Tame the bulge
Since last year my friends all saying that I'm getting plum. Hahaha! I can't get away from all the sinful food. Why does world keep all the yummy food fat and unhealthy? ='( This is tough for me. I need to get rid of the belly, edema legs, fat arms and my fat ass! Omg, I may bang myself towards the wall now. Can I use the most easiest and fastest way to slim down??????  I need to achieve it before Chinese New Year. I don't want to be the fattest among all! T^T I never ever manage to look nice on skinny jeans, tight skirt, and legging. How sad. So I'm buying a Cheongsam for myself and keep that as my motivation, START WORKING ON IT!!!!!  Effort have been paid, I'm still waiting

3 resolutions are just nice for me. Not getting myself too many in case I cannot achieve them >.<" lol. Let's go towards our resolutions! Gambateh!! 

blondy girl ! Stay tune for my hair post XD.. Goodnight ZzZzZzZz

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