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Trip to Sabah (Part 1 : Day 1 and Day 2)

I'm back from my long vacation. ^^ Yes! I spent 7 days around Sabah. This is my first trip to Sabah *didn't been there before, poor kid* but now I'm not ^^. Put all the work tasks aside *of coz did arrange and handover nicely larh*, and fly. 

Flight ticket bought on August 31st. Lol. The bf's buddy *Sabahan* help him to randomly buy the tickets when they came to our house just after departed  M'sia *they went to Newcastle for a year, enjoy-nya!* So, a click mean for 1 week trip. Lol. But thanks to him, if not my life is dull and meaningless living in a city and surrounding with tons of workload and never ever gonna finish on time. 

So, this is the chance for us to take a long breathe. Ahhhh~ few days before was so excited! but come to the day before me and the bf pack the luggage  til fed up. lol. No idea where to start packing, what to reduce to keep us light. A week before, we went back to hometown and leave Fatty at "his grannies house" and troubled my family to take care of him. Nothing to worry as my whole family love Fatty a lot and I've prepared the food list he can only being feed. Even ordered my parents to send photos of Fatty to me when I'm on my vacation , wanna make sure he is all right without me. lol. 

Here we go! the first day. Flying on 11th Oct, 4:20pm. Took a cab from our condo to LCCT at 1:30pm. 

vintage look on the first day. Long yellow creased skirt and a pink singlet.

Coordinate of the day. Dare not to snap the whole me as i'm fat and short. ='( Anyway, I love the leopard print earning. #ILoveVintage

We decided to have a drink before check-in as it's still early. So, went to Starbucks ordered a cup of latte and just only realize there is no seat at all. Hate those people just ordered a sky juice and seat there as like they are having Hi-Tea and using the wifi some more! Ish!!!  No choice, but to move to the other coffee shop. Ordered a ordinary ice milo for myself and the bf continue drinking his latte. *Forced him to take a picture with a smiley face, then he show me his expert signature smile*  My legs are hurt after wearing the new heels *as people always says new shoe always cuts the end and blister* sibeh painful! End up I surrender and change to flats. Arhhh~ Much more like it! 

brought the flats at Vincci. I fall in love with this blue-greenish colour, some more very comfortable lerh! 

Checked-in at 4pm and it's about to fly. 

Did I mention that I love aeroplane before? Yes, I think they are so charming.

Self-camwhore pics in the plane and the bf is interrupting, so I also entertain him. lol

I love the feeling of floating in the sky. 

After 3 hours of seating on the plane, the ass numb and cramps, some more some one's baby is cry for the entire distances to Sabah, My ears are like exploding too. Okay, here we are! Welcome to Sabah! and I'm hungry like a ghost. Urgh! food food food ... hunting for food wey! The lovely couple picked-up us and directly to the place where we are gonna have our dinner! Seafood *One of my favorite type, especially crabs* This cute couple are so sweet enough, they even prepared the plans and activities for the whole week. So in detail, this is the best buddies aka tour guide in my whole life time. lol

urgh ehm! Copy right ya =.=" lol  

They brought us to Gayang Seafood Restaurant located at Gayang, Tuaran. This is the cheapest seafood I have ever ate! *tastes not bad too* 

Fat me with the clamps and shells *Stand like cacat*

the 2kg of prawns >.<" *Sometimes I'm not sure are we human or not*

the two of us with the super huge plate of prawns *messy hair*

the dishes for only 4 of us. Eat like we have been starving since the week before. Lol! sorry dear Becky make you look so silly in this pic XD. She is actually very sweet girl. 

a group photo with them   

Gayang Seafood Restaurant! The best among all.

chubby me and my sweetheart =) 

Burp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tummy filled with seafood and it's raining cats and dogs outside. Waiting for the "Dato's car" *We named it as Dato's car as it's an antique Merz, lol*  to stops at the main entrance, just to make sure wouldn't expose to the rain *assuming like we will get burn like that* . Lol! 

The friend offered us to stay at his house for a night at Kota Belud. I love the fresh air and cool weather at Sabah, especially after heavy rain. The smell of the grass and flowers... so nice! 

We woke up at 7:30 am early morning, and the sky is like about 8 to 9am. Yet still with drizzling rain. So refreshing. The alarm clock did not even have a chance to snoozes, I have been awake by the rooster favorite quote " cock-a-doo-doodle-doo... " It's like an alarm clock, and it's snooze even faster than the alarm. XD

The day usually starts bright and blue, and can't believe it's not even 8am. I think it should be brighter without  the drizzling rain. *I look like a kampung girl over here as people always says I look like Nyonya, some more the combination of my outfit and the view are so matching! yea, we are one! Environment friendly , wth I'm talking about?*

So, what's for the breakfast? Early birds get nice food from Kota Belud. Sabah is popular with variety of noodles. So, we should give a try on the Kota Belud Noodles since we are here! 

The lovely doves brought us to one of the old style wooden shop. Took a sit at the wooden stool and every old round table was served with a kettle of warm tea. There is only two options for the beverage, either tea or plain water and self-serving okay, no one gonna entertain you, unless you want to order special noodles. The friend assisted on ordering. Kota Belud Mee Soup "Ka Liao, Ka Casau!!!! ". Me and the boyfriend was like " ???? " what the hell is that >.<" Ka Liao means add more dishes, Ka Casau mean add BBQ roasted pork,  okay is actually add Char-Siew =.=", How come is "Casau" ? Maybe Kota Beludian's are different gua... they called Char-Siew as Casau *at first i thought like what kind of vege.. then I think of hokkien "Casau" means coughing* 


It's look simple but it taste wonderful! Don't believe me? taste it with your bloody own tough then! The soup taste so nice with the chicken essence *no chicken stock added!*, the friend said they use chicken bones to boil the soup. So soothing and the taste of fried shallot oil in the chicken soup is so .... *Okay, stop it! I'm hungry now*

See! They really called it as "Casau

Next destination after breakfast : Mount Kinabalu! But of cause we are not prepared to climb the mount. Climb stair case already taken my life >.<" They bring us there hope to see the top of the Mount Kinabalu. 

All the way we saw clouds covering the tip top. Cloudy day! So unlucky.

Self-camwhore again! 

Stop half way. Snap a quick one when the friend is in the toilet. *Omg, terrible hair day!*

Me and him ^^

Finally we arrived Kinabalu National Park and then started to rain heavily =.=" So, the girls take a rest at the lobby of Kinabalu National Park hotel, while the guys were asking some enquires about the Kinabalu climb.

 It's freezing outside!

 the 3D map of the Sabah

The trail map of Mount Kinabalu. *I feel like climbing out of a sudden!*

We then when to the nearby cafe to have some hot beverages as it is too cold to bear with. 

a cup of hot milo will do! 

the bf, me and Becky. *grumpy face me, lol* 

Erk... try to be funny? 

or even funnier?

Next stop: Desa Diary Cattle Farm, Mesilau, Sabah.

lovely dovey under an umbrella as it's still drizzling. I wonder when it gonna stop. 

like kampung girl kampung boy, some more with slippers >.<"

Another picture of us at the main entrance. *call me shorty T^T*

at first I dare not to drink the fresh milk. *for me is like "fresh milk" straight squeeze out from the cow udder and drink directly, and then taste heavy unbathe cow smell, Euw! * My friend taste nice and no what ridiculous unbathe smell, lol. I was curious and decided to give a try. The friend asked me to share a carton of milk with her first. I take a sip and "Whao, taste like Dutch lady low fat milk wey!" Nice~ I like it! But it make me fart the rest of the day. I never have such embarrassing moment before, thanks to the fresh milk =.=" 

  This was taken when we were busy mooing the cows to come over here. Silly dou ...

I use to have one tractor like this. *in my Farmville* lol.

Nah, the cows ~ enjoy the cooling air. *and I was shivering* Actually there is a milking the cows session but it start only at 3pm. It's too long to wait, I don't want to enjoy the cow dung smell for another 2 hours. >.<"

 While we are leaving the farm, the friend say maybe we can catch the Mount Kinabalu scenery from here! So we stop and get out of the car, standing there and hoping the strong wind blows away the clouds stuck at the mount. 

shivering again and the bf need to hold me tight as I feel like flying away any time. Very windy! 

I was looking forward to see the tip top of Mount Kinabalu

but still disappoint me ... the best it can show. I guess the mountain is too shy on that day as i was there to zing it! 

So, we going downhill to the Kundasang War Memorial Park. 

It's one of the memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II. The memorial also remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POWs. *Go and study history! lol, talk like I know about it, I just copied from google. Haha! Gotta cha!*

some pictures taken at Memorial Park

Australian's Garden

another picture with 3 of us

English Garden

I found cherry blossom at English Garden. ^^ 

Borneo Garden

"Curi bunga denda $800.00, ada TV!! " this one sounds funny ^^

entering the last garden which named Contemplation Garden  *btw, why I'm showing tiring face*


Photos of us taken by Johnon 

Finally a picture with Johnon

After a nice walk around the park, we decided to proceed to the next destination. Poring Hot Spring, Ranau.  But Before that, we need to check-in at Ranau Hotel first. All the way going, we stopped at a long street just at the road side. 

The vegetables!

and the fruits! We bought a lot! and it's yummy...

Here we are. Poring Hot Spring Station after checked-in the hotel. Brought along the snack and fruits that we bought from the stall at the road side. 

the bare face and bare foot. We did not sink into the water as it's too hot and I don't feel like so.

 Sexy boy 

with sexy pink legs. lol

After the hot spring, we decided to take a walk.

Yet, we saw this banner! What else? Contacted the person, and he brought us there. 

A five minutes walk way to the jungle is quite uncomfortable and I felt so unsafe. >.<" don't know why. 

The very first time I saw rafflesia  in my life.

A closer look of it. There is no any foul odor and no insects in it too, like what people always said. We was being told that rafflesia has very short life span. 5 to a week then started to turns black and decompose. *just like this one

After that, we have our dinner for free at Johnon's aunt house. lol. Sabahan cooks. Not bad tho. Then went back to the hotel after a long hour chat with them and getting know them. Took a good night sleep and off again the next day. 


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