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Penang & Langkawi Trip

Harlo peepows! Ya, again I left my blog dead. Now I'm gonna give CPR to my blog and make it alive again. Skipped plenty posts. So, what I'm gonna do now is to mix and combine them all together. lol. Pictures will do greater than the words.

Recently my "babe" put on weight *I mean a lot*. He's from this

little sugie which i use to call him to

..... THIS .....

That's why I named him FATTY!!!!!! ^^ He is cute like a furry ball *Aww, see how sweet he is*

Okay, I really don't know where to start ... too much of photos *all camwhore photos* lol...

I gained a lot of weight just like fatty too. All I did was eat and eat and eat and no stop.

Went to Penang and Langkawi last few months *which I cannot recall when was it at all*, I have very bad memory, that's why I need to blog - storage for all the memories; just in case I suffering for amnesia disease one day *touch wood of coz!*, so that I can flip back the blog posts and try to catch all these precious memories back. *that time also forgot the id and password to login blogspot already larh* FML! Yalorh! how har? lol ~  

What we bought from Penang and Langkawi *SNACK!!!*

Sea cucumber oil, Mama Chivas and babies Chivas from Langkawi.... 

We started our journey at the early morning like 4am. I was still so sleepy , but fatty feels the other way round. Super active in the dark. Ya, the Gardenia cream bread is not for me, it's fatty's breakfast.

Lol! the bf face, wtf~ Hahaha! Long journey trip finally come to the morning.

 Breakfast is served.

Yes.. yes... yes ... yes!!! We are finally arrived Penang *Ass cramps and burnt* 

First thing to do when arrived Penang is to search for food *Had our breakfast at one of the old classic coffee shop - something like "ah beng, ah kao" Kopitiam, or something like " Sing Huat 88" Kopitiam ... lol, I mean to describe the old time of coffee shop larh, I really don't remember the shop name. 
After breakfast, quickly check-in to our apartment *forgotten the name as well*.

 Kitchen and the dinning room attached together

washroom, balcony, living room 

Simple apartment for 4 couples and a light bulb *haha, joking larh* , just for a night.

Basically Penang is where people visit temples and hunt for food  * that's what I know larh*.

the cutest bf in thew world of mine. *Vietnam Temple, which located in Penang and I don't know why*

Fatty me in front of the sleeping Buddha. 

 Statues of all the god

 The friend took this with sunshine showered on the statue, look so holly.

 the thin bf and fat me, both of us looking at the memorial sites where people kept their pass away beloved ash bone after the cremation. We are searching which one die recently or die young >.<

Donation for the temple maintenance and hope to bring good health and luck for us

 We look like Thai in this photo >.<" Sawadika~

Group photo without the other couple. The gf does not like to take much photos =.='' , but the bf is a photographer. lol. Okay, to another temple just opposite this temple.

 A very huge Buddha statue at the main entrance caught every tourist attention.

Different posing of different country , I mean the Buddha statues.

The wall of the temple is covered with a lot of mini Buddha.

another huge temple. 

okay, finish the temples visiting section. Let's hunt for food!!!

the friend brought us to this street which queue with a lot of people FOR CENDOL!!!
They spell it "CHENDOL" and pronouced it as "CHENNOY" weird =.=" 

Penang Laksa and Cha Kuey Tiaw are the MUST EAT food in Penang. After makan-makan, we go for a walk at Bukit Bendera.

the Minister of Penang is at Bukit Bendera. There for the entrance for that day was free. *how lucky are we*

 The view on top of the Bendera hill.

spent 50 cents you can manage to view the swimming pool of the hotel, count how many football players on the field *I'm seriuos*

Fat me at Bendera hill.

the minister of Penang is here for a opening ceremony.

 After a long tiring walk, we return back to our apartment to take a good rest and we'll need to wake up early morning to catch the earliest ferry to Langkawi.

Fatty have a good sleep too =) muackz!

The next day after our breakfast, we drove to Kuala Kedah. We caught on jam in the half way. Ended up to wait for the next ferry as we missed the earliest one.

camwhore at Kuala Kedah Labuan while waiting for the ferry.

After long hours of ferry journey, we finally arrived Langkawi. Got the rented van and headed to our hotel.

 Like palace ... lol ... but don't ask me what's the hotel name ...

 I really cannot recall any of the name.... Not to say that I don't want to share lerh~

With very long swimming pool ... Not manage to take the photo...

 Fatty get excited when checked-in to the hotel room.

 RM 2.70 per Heineken ? All beer cheaper than carbohydrate drinks

 Went out for dinner * seafood* .. taste so so only.

The next day woke up early morning and prepared to go for Island Hopping Tour. *the 3 islands*

 See the pro- photographer aka the light bulb of the trip... lol! joking.

Passed by Pregnant Maiden Lake 

 First drop at this island. with a very huge deep lake.

For those who know to float or with safety life jacket only. If not you gonna drown and die here. 

with life jacket or

you can float.

  I think this one called the Island of Eagles "Pulau Singa Besar"

The boat driver will stop us here and throw chicken skin at the sea, the eagle will come here and hunt for food.

 Eagle symbolized Langkawi

 the last island ... Nothing special but a clean beach with many small seashells

And going to rain also *Faster collect some seashells then head to the boat and went back*

I picked some and deco my bathroom's sink =) 

That's it for the 3 islands. As usual, feels hungry after the island visiting sections. OTW to duty free shops we stop-by the road side and have a few meals to cure the starvation. 

 Bak So * beef* Not bad tho.

Something like penang laksa. We ate a lot like hungry ghost *keep on adding another bowl* but it only costed us not even exceeded RM50 for the whole group.

 hehe ... took when they are not aware ... 

another one here .... huhu~ 

After that we when to Duty Free Zone  for beer, wine, champagne and chocolates

The bf =.=" 

Went back home and take shower then came out again for the next destination. To the Fraser Hill.

Sandy craft ... very pretty 

Feel like buying, but I don't wish to deco at home and collecting dust again. So, did not decide to buy. 

Langkawi cable car station

 the boys *very unorganized*

 the girls * the only group photo of us* lol .. No pretty view as the thick fog covered the scene 

 The thick fog view from below

Small cowboy town alike place at the bottom of Fraser Hill

 Lastly before dinner, we drop-by Black sand beach 

 Then had our dinner *So so only* 

The next day, packed and stacked all our dirty clothes in the luggage and ready to leave. Checked-out and went to the souvenir shop

Bought the MUST BUY sea cucumber oil. Made in Langkawi
Then headed to Langkawi Eagle Square. While waiting for the ferry.

The front view of the Helang 

 MUST-took photo in Langkawi

Say bye to Langkawi ~ Tata!

 Tiring trip. Fatty took a good rest in the ferry.

Collected our cars from Kuala Kedah and ramp all the way down to KL

Drop- by to Ipoh for the Well known beansprout chicken rice. The bf will not miss the chance to have it.

Okay! That's all for the trip with geng of couples! 

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