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Trip to Sabah (Part 2 : Day 3 and Day 4)

Entering the third day. ^^ Wake up at 8am and according to the schedule, we will need to catch up mount Kinabalu as Johnon's aunt told us that normally mount Kinabalu can be seen in the morning before the fog move around at the mount. We went to Sabah Tea Farm for breakfast and catch the view of mount Kinabalu.

Sunny day! Photo taken at the main entrance of Sabah Tea Farm.

coordinate of the day : greenish blue singlet and light blue jeans short

 At last, I saw the tip top of mount Kinabalu!!! ^^ 

a photo of me with the greenish trees and the thick fog

Leaving Sabah Tea Garden after the breakfast. Not bad tho! I love the milk tea (Sabah tea). very soothing. Those tea bags or tea power can be bought from M'sia supermarket.  *Btw, some one took this picture when i'm cam-whoring. lol*

Next station to "Tagal Sungai Moroli, Ranau for "fish massage". All the way from Sabah Tea Garden to Ranau is quite far away. About 30mins bah. What else can be done?

Cam-whoring in a sunny day lorh! =)

Finally arrived. Bought the ticket *RM 5.00 for outstation local per person, local (Sabahan) RM 3.00 per person and permission of bringing camera along for RM 3.00*

Waiting our turn to hoop in the river after they filtered the river water! Quite nervous and excited.

While waiting for our turn to enjoy the "fish spa", we play around at the hanging bridge across the Mamut river. *where the fish spa is*

 Jumping and hooping at the bridge to fool Johnon. As he is afraid of height. >.<" Some more he was forced by his girlfriend to cross the hanging bridge.

 To the end it's the jungle. 

 Going back where we started.

I'm quite worry that my feet will stuck at the fence when I'm hooping >.<"

I found this picture is in my camera, so I assume that u want me to blog it too ya ^^

The Batophobia Johnon able to complete the bridge walk. Hoorray! and he sweat so much!

back to the seat and continue to wait them to call us up. And finally our turn!

I was quite afraid because the fish are super huge like we always eat >.<" Eee! I'm afraid that they will bite my legs to take revenge >.<" because we ate their friends.

slowly slowly we got use to them but still very ticklish >.<"

 See the hero over there so enjoying XD

 BIG fishes surrounding us!!!!!!

 See how brave am I, some more dare to feed them fish food. *I throw towards the others, so that the fish will swim towards that innocent one = P, and then they shout like bitch, Wahahaha! *

Finally Becky successfully persuaded her bf to hoop in the water.

Times up! 

The last picture before leaving.

After the "fish spa", we went to have a simple lunch and up to Kota Kinabalu again as we miss the weather there when it's stop raining.

 Here we are! Was being caught I was noming all the way at the stalls. >.<" 

Busy noming with my fruits again.

random shoot at one of the stalls.

random shoot

I love this picture. Both are cute ^^

 Failed! too bright! and I'm lazy to edit. *noming again and again!*

Gonggggggggg ..... !

Small guitars! look cute! 

Ee nee mee nee my nee mo.... The red one zinged the bf!

 Nothing to buy except the red banana. *Look at the fugly curious face of me =.=, I was thinking are u sure these bananas can be ate?* and I'm still noming >.<

 Shop and shop and shop

Stopped at this stall and bought a hanging bag made up of small squares of fabric and also a small pencil case made up of dry tree roots. Interesting huh? =)

After that we drive down to Inanam and visited .... the branch

So, u know exactly which category we are working.

But this is mainly on commercial vehicle, ours is target on passenger cars. *see how good, go traveling still think of the company, lol*

Went Tanjung Aru beach to catch the sunset. People catching the sunset, we catch ....

Tiny crab >.< haha!

Next, checked-in hotel at Kingston Hotel,Time Square. Not bad tho.

Then camho before and after taking bath. Lol. One thing I love this hotel room is they have huge mirror. We are preparing to have our dinner and went clubbing next *not really in the mood of clubbing because I'm fat and short, and many chio girls there make me even no confident T^T* 

Dinner at King Hu Restaurant "金湖" at Tanjung Aru. When we talking about this restaurant, Sabahan though of Beijing duck! Yes, our friends bought us there for Beijing duck and taught me how to eat it. Interesting!

I love the table cloth! hehe... The tricks of eating it is wrap all the dishes on the table *of coz except the soup larh* with the popiah skin. Also not to forget together with the source too! Yummy. Give a try bah!

After the dinner, we went to B.E.D club and met up their muscular friends there. A day passed happily ^^.

The 4th day, Laksa Mee at Sinsuran before shopping at Gaya Street.

I ordered Laksa Bihun. Yummy!!!!  I love it!

A unique Bonean fruit. They called it "Tarap" *btw, look at my senget hair style. Rebond can't stay long and I hate my hair!*

Nice to eat! The bf says it looks damn odd. But nice lerh!!!!

After filled up our tummy with yummy food, we took a walk to Gaya Street. Justin Bieber and his gf? lol!

The entrence

It's like a Sunday Market. Only opened on Sunday until about 12 noon.

Curious couple >.<

Pet stall. He said the chicks are cute. 

 A picture with the chicks >.< sound odd.


Hand-made bangles

I tried all and I bought them back. It's like 3 for RM10 some more sweet-talked the auntie and ask for another one for free. So it became 4 for RM10. Haha!

I asked Johnon to take photo of those stuffs but then snapped me a photo. But I like the me inside this photo. Lol, yala buay paiseh, is like that one mah! 

Regrate did not buy those colourful wooden made key chain from Gaya Street as they sell cheaper than where I bought! Too late, they only open on Sunday. Unless I take 2 weeks annual leave! lol

 The Sabah magnets, these one also nice! So colorful.

Magnets and key chains. Okay, make me hate myself even much.

This the thing I asked him to take. So cute and look so yummy!

 I told ya, It's yummy til he to try a bite.

 Hahaha! U're cute Becky and also the Orang Utan

Can't believe a normal coconut can be shaved to this?! What people are u guys?! So creative!


Ehhh ... I'm not sure what she is trying to be... ?

Was like followed by paparazzi  >.<

Noticed and walk faster!

He love to being snapped. Purposely walk towards us when the camera is aiming nicely.

When comes to Kitty, cannot deny that my eyes are sharp.

Choose choose choose... still can't get what I want.

Bought a tee. I love Sabah

 All bf are he same. They always do something stupid in front of their gf.

Bangles again >.< so, I buy again larh XD

Cute little cactus was found in a van. Johnon say "what if the van met an accident?" I was like "ouch!"

 Okay, We are done with the Gaya Street. Super hot and tanned.

Snapped one at the shatter while walking back to the hotel car park.

Who say we never climb to the top of mount Kinabalu? We even carried a chair there. Lol!

Hoop in the car and here we are in a bling! Signal Hill Observatory Tower of Kota Kinabalu *What a long name!*

So nice to be there as it is veru obvious that you can enjoy the view of  the whole Kota Kinabalu or Kinabalu City. And it's very windy!!!!!! So song!

Part of the city... ? 

okay, the meme face of enjoying the wind and also the view. Also busy checking-in my location at FB. *Kiasu people is like that one*

They are too tired to stand and take picture around like me >.<

Oh ya! Signal hill is the highest point in the city of Kinabalu. So if I'm alone here that's mean I'm the tallest girl among all Sabah girls. Lol. *If I'm alone here larh!*

So next, to Yayasan Sabah. The friend says come to Sabah maust take picture with Yayasan Sabah. He says it's like a proven that we have came over here =.=" *apa larh?*

okay, the second one ---> me look stupid! epic failed.

 =.=" Omg 

 I got huge black nipples . Wtf  >.< I hate it

Gosh, Becky have the same too ... 

The winner comes to .... Jeng Jeng Jeng! Johnon Chai! =.= 

Okay, I'm hungry! I wanna post about food! So, we went to have lunch at .... I don't know what is the shop name >.<" It's at Lintas if I'm not mistaken. And the San Yuk Mee is so damn nice!!!!!!!!!!

 As usual, I'm busy taking photo of the food first before me .

 San Yuk Bihun. Teehee!

After this we have our tea time *even though haven't reached 4pm >.<* just after the lunch only. Went to Yoyo Cafe to have our beverage. Yoyo Cafe is like our Chat time, Share tea and etc. For Sabahan they queue up for Yoyo. 

I have my Yoyo egg puding, the bf have his pearl milk tea. 

We went for massage after the "Hi-Tea". It's sound like so enjoying actually the massage is so torturing T^T. I'm not sure whether is't me so unhealthy or the hypnotherapist too strong. Super painful and I got burnt by the hot stone. T^T and I just keep quiet as I'm afraid he will feel himself so unprofessional and then quit the job. *See, I'm good people*  

After the massage, finally can return back to the hotel and take a good bath. After bathing, we'll need to meet up again for dinner =)

 Bought many bangles

Especially seashell bangles.

Okay, I'm more than ready! We decided to have a drink at one of the bistros downstairs.

Aiyah, I'm not ready yet!

 The chocolate Factory

White Room

Passed by several bistro, finally we chosen Jarrod & Rawlins. 

 The environment 

 Me and you

and us *and my nose =.=*

Beverages that we ordered. Nice!

Finally, they came. We went to Bao Jian Tang "保健堂" for dinner. This is something interesting and delicious! 

Raw fish layer with sesame oil and ginger slices. At first we was like "euw! I bet it taste very strong raw dead fish smell". But it taste so GOOD!!!!!  Go and have a try! I start to miss the taste again!!! We ordered 2 big plates. Burrrrp!

After the dinner, chilled at Cock and Bull, Jesselton. I love the environment there! It's so relaxing, although I didn't drink. But those old school songs make me felt so relax. 

 Just lovin' it...

 This the uncle who sang all the English old school songs. 

So, that's all for the wonderful days! 


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