Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Saturday morning

Good morning to those who just wake up. I was wake by my mc. Monthly pain where every girl have to encounter. wtf. Early morning made myself an oat milk drink and started to flicking through the net and update my twitter *like kiasu nobody know* 

A guy which I named him Mr Somebody is in my house. Reason of naming him this stupiak name because the housemate have plenty of boyfriends as she brings them back every week. I mean a week different guy. While, my point is not that I'm jealous, whereby she doesn't seem like she is putting herself into jerk danger, as she's freaking enjoying this. But hellooooo ..... she is putting me into danger wey! She left the house this morning and the bf went to work as well. So I'm pretty sure there is only me in the house, not until I make myself a drink. I walk out to the kitchen where passed by the corridor 

 Big foot in the houz! 
Some more parked beside my summer beach slippers! *it's a colorful matching tho, but I don't wanna match with him!* Feel like shifting his a gap away from mine. But I don't feel like touching the slippers  so just let it be. *but I'm very upset lorh!*

I wonder which Mr. Somebody this time. Yet I just don't feel like purposely met him as I'm afraid he will eat me up *u know, girls like me in a fun size caught many attraction, lol!!! wtf* Just joking larh! In case any awkward moment happen like somehow he is wearing a thong making coffee in the kitchen, or maybe completely naked and seat on my dinning chair as he also assume no one is in the house. Hahahaha!!!!! gonna laugh out laud if he does this! lol But I gonna whack him with the chair if he really seat with his naked buttock! Don't dirty up my chair lorh i tell u.

my dead face with no make-up

So, Just to keep me safe, I just hide *not say hide larh, just maybe to avoid any incident happen, just lock the door that's it larh* Moreover, my room kept lot'sa food and i got my own bathroom just in case i wanna poo poo or wash my cup all that no need to purposely go to the kitchen mah. So, it's okay to stay in the room for hours. My lappy is with me and i can blog like now lor =) I just noticed my room is full with cheerful color stuffs wey! so happy 

cheerful #1

cheerful #2

cheerful #3

cheerful #4 *except the mirror wall, need some cleaning >.<"* 

cheerful #5 *fitting area which is messy* 

I feel like going to the garden or the pool downstair *my houz area very windy much like beaches are just nearby whereas there is non in KL* yet I don't know why so windy larh ~ maybe at high hill gua ... Pity me just can stare the place from the window

Suddenly feel like Rapunzel story. T^T

Okay, that's all for today =') bye 

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  1. Hmm.. that sucks but luckily you got all you need in your room. Better be careful with these 'random' guys.. =)