Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm awake

Ola people, *busy pulling off the spiderwebs on my blog* I know i have been too much of laziness. Nah... tiring of my work life in KL. It's really hectic and work stress. Nearly change my mind to quit the job. But thinking of living without income that's NO WAY!! so, stick with this uncool job then. *or else u guys intro me   any other job, lol* I wish someday I manage to open my own girlish cafe or boutique. *at least I'm the Tauke and there's no one on top of me! So that I don't have to work with those superior with overbearing stepmother behavior!* But now i still have to. fml.

Recently, lot'sa "beh-ta-han" (unbearable) incidents happened in my life. I experienced and met variety of people. What do i meant? Human behavior!  I can't get along with the housemates. Can't even mention about it, I'll start flaming and pissed-off. I hate the way he talks! He talks like a winner, wtf-kind of people *that's why he have a wtf-kind of gf as well* He is good in talking cock! o0o

I hate the way he thought he is always right *that's what he thinks, not me*. There're a lot more to bitch about. But I'm not gonna mess up my blog with their stories anyway.

Let's talk about other stuffs. Recently my Baby Sugie gain a lot of weight. >.<" I'm a successful sugie owner. lol. Here are the photos of him. 

 maybe i should call him furry ball =D 

 Y're you so cute?? 

 i love him a lot. =')

August happening, Mom's birthday fall on Wednesday. I went back on weekends and celebrate in advance. A simple yet happy birthday dinner with the family. Ordered pizzas and add-on dishes as the dinner and of cause cannot miss out the cake. Bamboo almond cake this year =)

tada! taste great ~

mom looks even pretty on that day. 

actually, I'm not really know what's the intent of blogging this post =.=" seems like crapping all unrelated things >.<" I just know that I've skipped a few months and it's time to follow up the beat. So, just try to blog something and refresh my blog. Planning to redo the background and apps, but i'm lazy. >.<

I just did my nails just now! polka dot Minnie mouse theme without the black bow *I don't have a black liquor >.<*.

although the dots are not even, but i still lovin' it =) 

Okay, end my silly post with this pic! I think it's kinda cool!! 

Chinese avatar XD wtf! 
okay bye~ as the bf keep on disturbing me! going for branch. tata!

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