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Langkawi Island, Malaysia 4D3N (Part 1)

I have been travelling to the jewel of Kedah quite often if u follow my blog since a couple year back. It was the nearest and convenient island to travel as it has it own airport in the island. My Pri-school mate never been there before, so we planned a trip there during the Raya. U must be wondering why are we travelling together so often ? *Actually not really that often. This is only the 2nd time larh* Well, what I can explain is because we shared common interests. Both of us love adventures, outdoor activities, travelling, we are beach enthusiasts, and we love food hunting  (All range of food from street food to fine dining).  Those made us somehow spend most of our free time together when related to our common interests.

We traveled there last month. And I'm the one have to do all the hardship for the trip as it was his virgin trip to Langkawi. I don't use to plan, or if I do, I don't even bother to follow because I don't like to be tied up with schedule. I'm more into spontaneous vibe, which also indirectly telling you that my disciplinary is very poor. *But, I'm a well-behaved person still!* Only my time-management is poor la woi. But, this time, I came out with the itinerary.

He knows I'm a last-minute person. And this is one of our differences. He wants me to plan everything early *like more than a month earlier.* He really belongs to Kiasu group. *Wink!* But I took his advises even though I was kinda bo-song at that point of time. Just because he knows me well. He knows I'm gonna mess up some parts if I plan everything in a short time.

I am pleased to share my 4Days 3Nights Langkawi Itinerary:

22 June 2017 (Thursday)
18:00 : Meet up with my friend and have dinner together.
22:00 : Take a bus to Concorde SC and check-in our coach tickets (Golden Coach Express)
23:59 : Singapore ---> KLIA2 (Duration: 5 hours)

23 June 2017 (Friday)
06:00 : Arrived KLIA2
07:00 : Breakfast @ KLIA2
07:55 : Boarding 
08:35 : KLIA 2 ---> Langkawi (Duration: 1Hr 05Mins)
09:40 : Arrived Langkawi Airport
10:00 : Rent a car from Langkawi Airport and pick up a langkawi map from Travelling Info. Centre
10:30 : Oriental Village Langkawi (Cable car, Sky Bridge) , Seven Wells Waterfall
15:00 : Check-in hotel (Destini Akef Villa)
18:00 : The Zon Shopping Paradise , dinner @ Nest Rooftop Cafe

24 June 2017 (Saturday)
08:00 : Breakfast in the room
10:30 : Skytrex Adventure Park (Duration : 3Hours)
-Lunch & Rest-
17:00 : Sunset Cruise Buffet Dinner (Duration : 3Hours)

25 June 2017 (Sunday)
08:00 : Breakfast at hotel lounge
14:00 : 4 Hours Island Hopping Package
-Clean up & Rest-
Plan A : Night market food hunting @ Padang Matsirat
Plan B : Dinner & Movie
Plan C : Beach Walk & Dinner

26 June 2017
07:00 : Breakfast at hotel lounge
08:30 : Check-out hotel 
09:00 : Arrived airport & return car
10:25 : Langkawi ---> KLIA 2 (Duration : 1Hr 05mins)
11:35 : Arrived KLIA, purchase bus ticket to TBS
12:30 : KLIA 2 ---> TBS (Duration : 45mins)
13:20 : To redeem boarding pass upon check-in at TBS counter (Seasons SG)
15:30 : TBS ---> Singapore (Duration : 5 Hours)

We took the economy way of transportation as flying to Langkawi from Singapore is very expensive. We took a direct coach from Singapore to KLIA2 (5 hours) at midnight. So that we can take a good sleep in the coach.

We went to have desserts at my favorite Koufu hawker stall that was just a few minutes walking distance from where I stay. And we had delicious ramen in IPPUDO, Westgate. *The Aburi Chashu slices are so juicy!!! Must try.* before head to Concorde SC to take our coach to KLIA2.

Did not really sleep well in the coach mainly because we were too excited for the trip. We aligned at Pudu, Kuala Lumpur and another coach will be picking up all the passengers that are going to the airport from Pudu at 6pm. So, we went to the nearby Mcd toilet and I took a few puffs before the coach came *Shhh*. We requested a girl which about our age to tag along with us if she wants to go to the washroom too, as the place we were waiting for the next coach was dark in the early morning and there were several homeless guys sleeping at the benches, we felt it is not so safe to leave someone behind alone.

Another 45 minutes driving journey to KLIA2 and we dosed-off and sleep so tight during the journey. *Dafuq, 5 hours of comfortable driving journey can't sleep, but 45 minutes driving journey sleep like a baby*

We had our McD super rush breakfast after taking turn to wash up in the airport washroom and rush for the boarding. Took zillion photos because it was our first time taking a flight together.

Approximately 1 Hour 5 minutes flight journey from KLIA to Langkawi. Everything still going smoothly as scheduled. *God blessed and the best friend is happy about it*. Our first thing after touched down was to look for car rental service. As there is only 2 of us on this trip, a small hatchback car will be good enough throughout our trip. I was preparing to bargain the price as I thought Raya will be considered peak season in Langkawi, without any negotiation we manage to get good deal with 70 MYR per day for a cute little Proton Axia. Not bad right? I was expecting around 100 MYR per day. Checked the car condition and the staff handed the car key to us. We named our 4 day's trip Axia as " "小青" ( little greeny).

 Free map taken from the travel info counter. We try not to use GPS as much as possible as our internet data was very limited. By the way, Langkawi is a very small island. I bet you don't need it after a few drives later. *He knows the roads better than me now!* I felt kinda sorry to him as he was travelling with a selfie whore. So yea... I'll be pulling him to join in the photo-taking every time. 

We took a few mintues to look for petrol station nearby the airport as 小青 was starving. we were kinda anxious when we saw the fuel warning sign on and yet we still cannot find any petrol station. *we got lost*. But we manage to feed 小青 before the fuel completely run out.

First stop, Oriental Village which located at Burau Bay Matsirat. We took a morning tour at there as it is one of the main attractions in Langkawi island where you can enjoy the bird's eye view of mount Mat Chinchang with a cable car ride. I spotted a henna service stall when we were on our way to the ticket counter. It was my first time getting my hand hennaed.

 After getting the hand done, I start selfie with my hand and neglected him. *so, he has a few minutes of getting away from the camera. Hallelujah*

The weather on that day was not very convincing. Looks like going to rain heavily. I was kinda upset when I saw it rained as my purpose of visiting here was to show the him how stunning the view of Langkawi island is from the top and to enjoy the chilling weather at the sky bridge.

Emo girl sia!

The love padlocks were clipped along the bridge by those lovebirds. *Look at the hazy weather*

No worries, we did not join as there is no friendship lock here. Lol.

Anyhow, it rains and it was ridiculously foggy at that time. But the weather failed to affect our vacation mood! Although we have no chance to enjoy the breathtaking view and sky bridge was closed due to bad weather. We went up to the tip top which is the last cable station after having a cup of hot Neslo and chocolate waffle at the SkyBistro. It was raining so hard, we were drenching in the rain happily and accept the bad weather. 

These are the photos taken during the falling rain.It has been a long time since the last time having fun under the rain. *Childhood memories brought back*

Our tickets actually included all the entrances (Dimensional film, 3D Muzeum, SkyRex, SkyCable, SkyDome ) in Oriental Village. We took a quick stop at Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum. The best friend got terrified as the only thing to do is to take lots of photo and posting weird and silly postures in the public. *Photophobia*

But, ended up ..... ..... .....

He says "I'm not gonna take any picture with these. It looks so stupid." Duh.... Haha.

 ^ _ ^"

 Quite talented what.

 Getting better now. Haha

*Look at these kiddo smiles he has*

Where is the photophobia fella go?

Okay, I like this the most.

 Those expressions are priceless.

Last but not least before heading out the 3D Museum. *I actually have plenty more, but I try to stop spamming too much. Hehe.*

I was literally happy that he able to cope into my holiday vibe and enjoy the entire trip with me. *At least the hardship is worthy* We had a uniquely fun-filled time in Oriental Village although some activities were quite lame and too old for us. 

Next stop will be the Seven Wells Waterfall known locally as Telaga Tujuh located at the same area as Oriental Village. We parked at the car park premise provided. A little exercise needed before you get to enjoy the waterfall. We hiked from the car park. It was a slopping climb.

However, we came out with a little fun to make the way up much easy and less tiring.

I told him since we are already soaked in the rain, why not just get into the natural infinity pool and enjoy the water gushing from the stream. It was his very first time being so near to the nature.

Not much photos taken at there as our phones are not waterproofed and we were busy enjoying the chilling water. The rocks are very slippery. Please don't stand on the edge of the rock if you don't wish to get a bad fall during the trip. 

After a whole load of fun at Pantai Kok area, we drove to Pantai Cenang to look for the hotel I booked earlier. I give a try on "Destini Akef Villa" as the accommodation for the trip. We were fortune enough to check-in early than given time.

Image result for destini akef villa
Deluxe room with mini garden. *Photo taken from Google Image*

Related image
 *Photo taken from Google Image*

The reason I choose here is due to the great location. It takes less than 5 minutes to Chenang Beach (as most of our activities taken place at Chenang Beach). *Good planner, who wanna hire me?*

I took a rest in the room after the hot shower and also follow up some work stuffs while the best friend gone missing for almost an hour. *Almost give me a heart-attack*

We went to Nest Rooftop Cafe for early dinner. I went there once on my previous visit, but i did not try out the food. So this time I arrange to dine there. Nest Rooftop cafe set atop Royal Agate Resort (5th floor). It offers a relaxing dining and chilling experience with relaxing music as well as good views of the island and the sea breeze.

Food are great too. We had a good talk and did not realize we actually spent a few hours resting on the comfortable cushions enjoying the breeze after a tiring yet fun day.

We left the Cafe in the late evening and proceed to The Zone Shopping Paradise to get some snacks and liquors.

We got back early than expected as we choose to lepak in the room than drinking in the pubs along Chenang beach especially we need to drive. Got back the room and I went to the mini garden to take a few puff. The best friend were acting so unusual in the room. But I did not bother much as we don't usually interfere each personal life. Until he kept walking to the sliding door and peak what am I doing out there for a few attempts and locked me outside then I start to feel odd. I stared at him and continue scrolling my phone and suddenly he turned off the light at the garden. I got so piss off and knock the sliding door and yelled at him " What is wrong with you??" Because I start to freak out in the dark. I thought he wants me to sleep outside to feed the mosquitoes. *Damn him*

He gave me a cheeky smile thru the sliding door and slowly bring me into the room. The room was in dim light and birthday song was sang by his terrible voice. I was stunned for awhile. Thank you for the sweet surprise. After seeing those effort he made, I immediately understand why he went missing for such a long time in the afternoon. 

Thank you bestie. You got me this time! Haha. Thanks for the effort for putting up a surprise at this island. It mean so much to me. *flying kisses*

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