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Jakarta, Indonesia 4D3N

This is an expired post about my 4 days 3 nights trip to Jakarta, Indonesia on May for work training.Well-developed cities never be part of my travel bucket list, so I have no idea about Jakarta city at all. But I found out there is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Jakarta which caught my attention. I planned to visit there if I have a little time to do so in this trip. I bought my flight ticket and flew there by myself from Changi Airport, Singapore in the early morning. It was Sunday. I decided to arrive Jakarta early so that I have some time to walk around there. However, the flight delayed a few hours.

First thing to do when i arrived airport was to collect the pocket Wi-Fi that I have booked earlier. I can't live without internet access as I travel alone quite often, I need it to work as my GPS and also to work. You may check 'em out from https://www.changirecommends.com/wifi.aspx . After the collection, I proceed for my breakfast and grow cobwebs at the transit lounge. Total hours spent in the airport was 4 to 5 hours. *yawn*

One thing I hate about flying is that I never get a chance to take my flight peacefully without whining infant. There was a baby whining throughout the journey to Jakarta. This time the baby was sitting behind of me. But I couldn't complain much but to accept it as I doubt on my ability on my parenthood level in the future too. I might not know how to stop my baby crying on the airplane too. I plugged-on  my earphone as usual and blast the volume to the max! Yahoo...

I arrived Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport in the afternoon and took almost 30 minutes to meet up with my colleague as we flew from different country.

We took the cab arranged by our company to the hotel. My colleague has his plan for the rest of the day as he has friends working in Jakarta. So, I never even bother to join them but to walk alone around where I stay after checked-in the room.

We stayed at Grand Kemang Jakarta Hotel. It was a great stay thought.

The room is clean and spacious. They even assist to change my pillow cases and bed sheet everyday.

I never get the chance to utilize their facilities at all. My time in Jakarta was so tight. I even have to wake up early than usual for work as the traffic in the city is horrible. We have to spare extra 2 hours for the jam to the office.

Hotel breakfast always the best. Haha. That's the only driving force that will keep me get up extraordinary early even though I go to bed late. Because I'm not a morning person during vacation. 

oats and milk macam yes acting like very healthy lifestyle. 

As it was my first time travelling to Jakarta, I'm not familiar with the public transport. I'm using grab car as my all-time transportation in Jakarta. Grab Car apps is very popular in Jakarta. You can simply get a private driver just in a few minutes and the fare is cheaper than booking a cab though.

Recorded a short clip of the traffic condition in the morning while we were on the way to our office from the hotel.

Okay, looks like I have out of my sequence now. Where was I? Oh yea, checked-in hotel and I took a rest and googled is there any malls nearby for me to dine-in. So, I spotted Lippo Mall Kemang were just 15 minutes walk distance from my hotel. I walked there by my own and during the walking time, It was quite safe to walk during the day time. But it is advisable to take a cab there if it's during the night because it's dark and you have to pass by some narrow streets before you arrive the mall.

The mall is so huge and stunning and also food and things are more pricey comparing with those less luxury mall.

I walked around the mall and decided to have their local food at Kopi Kitchen as my dinner as most of the restaurants are Japanese , Korean, Chinese and Western. 

Ordered "Nasi Bebek Goreng Kampoeng Kemang" and a glass of passion fruit ice tea. I has no idea what is "bebek" when I look at the menu. Basically, I just look at the image in the menu and whichever look decent, then I pointed it to the waitress. As I was born with a tanner skin, they assume I'm the local. So most of them speak Bahasa Indonesia with me. I actually wanted to know what is "bebek". Google did the translation and finally "bebek" means the quack quack duck. 
Although the look is not attractive, but the taste is superb! *thumb up*

After my dinner, I went to walk around the mall again, try up their modern batique dress for fun. I tried a few pieces literally. And didn't buy any. Wahaha! 

I took a move around 8pm. It was my first time using Grab car as it was dark and I don't feel safe to walk back to the hotel. Grab car is so cheap tho! about S$1 or S$2 from the mall to my hotel for non-peak hour. Less than S$5 if it's a peak hour.

Got back and get a hot bath. Syioknya!

Bought the 3 packets of local snacks at Indo Mart. The rest was provided by the hotel.

Ended my first day with doing clay mask and great fox movie in the hotel room as the next day I'm gonna wake up early for breakfast and attend training.

Got up on time, really did wish to snuggle a bit, but I want breakfast! So I shuddup and wake up on time. Lol. So here's our office in Jakarta. My colleague insisted me to take one at here. *No larh, actually take quite a lot*.

So here go my force a smile photo. Urgh....

I really sucks at posing at the shop or background. Because I don't know what the hell I suppose to put my hands at! So awkward, damnit! Please don't do this to me again.

Attended the long training for the whole day and yawned zillion time. That's also the first day I met all the local colleagues and colleagues from Malaysia. We had a little interactions during the training.

Those were the lunch & snack for the training. So much eating. But I love the local tea! It taste different. Drank so many cup during the training as I dosed-off a couples of time in the training.

After 8 hours of training, I can't wait to get back to the hotel room and sleep. But of cause we had dinner before return to the hotel. Tiredness extended. Oh dear.... Me and my colleague went to Lippo Mall Kemang again for dinner. I was super tired and I leave the dinner option for my colleague. Really don't feel like using my brain at all after the training, was really exhausted.

Finally he made a decision where to dine *thank God!* We had our dinner at Ootoya Restaurant. I don't understand why he chosen Japanese cuisine. But never mind, I'm lazy to know. Simply ordered a combo set for myself. Forgotten the name of the combo and don't feel like recalling it.

 Our big portion dinner. Great, we gonna spend more time to finish off this big portion. And all I want was to got back to the hotel room soonest possible but end up dragging even late. Sigh, life always tough.

Why I can't wait to get back to the room is because I still have to complete my routine job even if I'm away from my desk. The training already took the whole damn day, I still have to waste the only free time to do my work. Tired sia.... now you understand.

Opened a packet of my snack and made myself a glass of hot coffee *yea, coffee really help to chase away the sleepiness but not the growling tummy*even though I'm still effing stuffy after the massive dinner. Was worried that I will fall asleep before I finish my work.

 Here comes the third day. Waking up early for breakfast and GRAB to office for the last part of the training *Thank God*. But unfortunately, we were late for the training that day due to the GRAB driver were stuck on the jam.

Immediately we got our punishment because of the late arrival by summerizing the  first part of the training. Duh...

So, the last part of the training are more on practical and presentation and role modeling. We had so much interaction than the first part of the training which also mean that the brain juice usage on that day were further higher.

Never being so active participating in the presentation and brain storming section. I used to hate all these activities during uni life. I was so active just because I hope that we can end the class early. Lol

 Yummy lunch of the day. 

Finally the 16 hours course is officially ended after all the hard work. I thought I can go back to hotel and rest early, and at least I don't need to wake up so early to go for training again. 
Who knows the local colleague *Let's just call him a friend larh* were too heartwarming wanted to have dinner together before I catch my flight back to Singapore tomorrow. *Kena liao...* .  Resting time was being dragged again. I was flattered to be invited larh, just that I miss the bed so much. 

The friend brought me to  Achol beach for a walk and had dinner. I didn't capture any photo of the scenery there, so here's one from google image. Lol. 

And one at the Ancol Lagoon word sign. *sweat* Don't ask me why the posture so awkward!

Okay, I'll like to call it as the "stand for national anthem" posture. Don't ask me why all my pictures are so wrong on this trip. Urgh, I feels like slapping myself so hard. Yes, I was asked to take a picture with the wording sign. I really don't feel like taking any photo because I am darn tired. At the same time I don't know how to reject when the friend are so nice and overwhelming to help me take photos of me.

Nah ... Enjoy another awkward posture photo of me again.

After the torturing photo-taking sessions, we went to have dinner at Le Bridge Ancol.

 I ordered a plate of pasta with salmon slices and I found Bali Hai in the menu! But the taste feel different with the one at Batam Island. Batam Island one so much nicer =) or just simply because I was exhausted and couldn't find the enjoyment that night at Ancol Beach.

The local colleague aka the friend and the awkward smile.

The friend sent me back to my hotel room and finally I can have my me time! Thankiew, Lol. I apologize for my loss of enjoyment on that day as I was impaired concentration and attention due to exhaustion. I had a good rest until the next day. 

I thought I can wake up slightly late, I was awaken by the email notification osund. Duh... Jumped down from the comfortable bed and packed everything to prepare for the check-out. I had my last yummilicious breakfast at the lounge and at the same time to follow up with my work before check-out.

 I actually asked the friend about the Cathedral Church's location last night. But the friend volunteered himself to bring me there in the morning. It's better to go along with  friend than to go by my own as I was worried I might get lost and not able to catch my flight too.

I waited him at the lounge and I requested him to take his breakfast at here since he haven't had any yet while I was still busy with my work.

The last photo before check-out.

Unfortunately the church was under construction partially. So I didn't get to take the best photo of the church. Gothic architecture buildings attract my eyes. I love all those Roman or England style structure. That's is why I want to visit here. Don't you think it's beautiful?

I saw a lovely pair of bride & groom to-be meeting the priest and were discussing their wish to wed. So sweet sia. We were there for about 30 minutes time and the friend sent me to the airport and got back to Singapore *And I almost miss my flight*! 

I prefer traveling to a more remote areas compare to big cities and those stunning buildings. Experience and accept the culture of a place and more towards mother of nature. Most probably because I live and work in a hectic country. That's the urge of crawling to somewhere which is less hectic and more relaxation. I will go back to Jakarta some days but not so soon and definitely don't wish for a rushing and tiring one like this trip. 
Okay bye.

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