Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ding ~ Dong !

Hello peeps, I'm back from hectic life. Feels like blogging tonight. Too much of photos, don't know where to start >.<"

Loving this contact lens. *with 3-tones*  ^__^ gonna buy more and more kind of lens 

Those days I was in "cooking-mood". But then I have stopped the mood since this month as we'll be shifting.  Not gonna store/ buy all the vege and meat. 

Showing-off some of the dishes I cooked.

Not bad huh? =) *praise maself*

Can't wait to shift out from the bloody place. Dirty, messy, humid, smelly *yes, smell like shit!* and they can't even bother about it. I even got doubted on myself whether I'm suffering from Rupophobia. But it's too ridiculous to bear with the yucky smells and sticky floor + floor with all the dust pieces from the fan. Gosh! Freaking me up... Euw ~

So by this weekends we gonna clean up the new condo and burn some frangipani essence in my room, or even the bathroom? Woohoo! feel so excited that I'm gonna shift to a clean place. Hope my tenants love to be clean as well. >.<" if not gonna kick them out of the dwelling as well.

 Starting to pack all the items. I need more and more boxes. >.<"

Ohya, went out few weeks ago to try out our Arabic food. lol. Gonna use up the voucher bought from Groupon.com.

We went to Hadramawt Restaurant at Bukit Bintang from D'sara. Kept on camwhore in the car, *picture of me above was taken by that time too* Got so excited along the way to Hadramawt. Yala, never try Arabic food before, I mean typical Arabic food.

Call me camwhore queen >.<"

Finally we are there. First impression when we entered the restaurant "Gosh, those who never eat mutton better don't try this place". Very strong mutton smell. For me is okay at first, stay there even longer you get sick of the smell and start to feel uncomfortable. I'm not criticizing others religious. Just cannot easily adapt their dining atmosphere. But good experience larh.

 While waiting to be served. Awkward atmosphere with only both of us are Chinese >.< Aiks! wrong spelling of weird ~ i ate the "i"...

Our food is served. Thanks for the great experience and one time is enough for both of us. Food that is acceptable by me is the "dono-what-kind-of rice". Lol.

last pic before leaving. Chubby face!

Food is okay. Maybe is just not suit our taste buds. I believed it's a quite popular restaurant as there are plenty of advertisement about the food there. It's an good experience larh, but once is enough >.<" 

We went to Pavilion after that. Went to the highest level *heard ma friend said the highest level are selling all kind of Japanese stuffs*. So we went there and have a look.

duh, I'm getting lazier to edit the pics. >.<" because no more picnik.com T^T sad case.

But still edited *buay tahan the photo quality =.= * (don't ask me why)

Passed-by a Hello Kitty shop (then I gone crazy) for awhile only as the shop created some funny smell.

After shopping and eating, felt super exhausted. Went back directly. That's all for the Saturday. Planned for Sunday as while. Need to recharge battery and prepare for Sunday-use. lol


Sunday morning! We're up to something~

Planned to shop at ikea!!!!

Dolled-up and went out with the bf

Eat and shop again~

that's all for the post which dragged for almost 3 months. 

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