Saturday, March 31, 2012

Personality & Attitude

Hii! It's me again. Feel like blogging since last Monday. Just I can't find anytime to continue my hobby *blogging*. Think of this title for quite long as the content are quite complicated to understand. I might not be the correct one, but just to share my personal view. Okay let's start!

Few days ago, my colleague shared with me about her after-married story, it's mostly about her unbearable "mother-in-law".  I asked her whether her mother-in-law behave like this since she (colleague) met her the first day or after  she (colleague) delivered her baby? She stunned for a few second and answered me "I think it's her(mother-in-law) attitude. Then a few seconds later she twisted her answer again. lol. 

Then I saw a very meaningful quote from FB shared by one of the "friend" (friend in fb which idk who is it). 

I'm totally agreed with this quote. Personality is something consistent and enduring. It's like you born with it. Let's get even closer with me. I would like to share one of my personality which I wish not to have. I'm a very easy crying big girl. In Chinese we called as 爱哭包 ai ku bao. Almost all movies or dramas I end up with tears. Even when I'm sleeping, I can feel the sorrow of the dreams like I'm sobbing sadly. Probably someone barely die or I lost my pet, or my enemy wins me! Mom use to tell me, I sob in my sleep since I was a baby. Even now I'm having the same thing. Crying in my sleep and wake up with actual tears and tiring eyes. What the hell is this? =.=" But i'm not sure is't some kind of disease? something due to health? When I'm too happy or touched, I'll cry. When I'm too emotional like scolding someone, I'll cry. Sad, of cause cry larh... I'm trying hard to get rid of this personality. As I said, Personality is what we born with. I failed to lost it, so stay with it even though I hate people threaten others  by "implementing" their crying skill. Luckily, I don't own this personality, nope! come to this incident it doesn't seems like personality, but it's an attitude- something you can control or decide. "to cry or not to cry". I'm not sure you got what I meant.

Basically Attitude is "what I choose to be when I'm with you". Then, it's base on who you are. 
Example: I'm not a person who like to be such a busy-body or kepochee. But I act like one when I'm curious about it or he or she's my idol . So, it's depends on "who you are to me".  

Another example: Sometimes the bf received sms in such a weird time "very early morning or late night" and he insist to read it and replies and he is not planning to share the news with me. Then, I got super crazy and start to guess and imaging all the nonsense scenes. fml. Even sometimes I feel like checking his inbox *i know it's very immoral* . Not trying to say that there's no privacy but just to show an example of my kepochee-ness *And i didn't check the inbox okay! >.<'*

But when comes to "nobody to me" who holding the phone texting the whole day in front of me. It doesn't trigger my curiousy as i think he/she is nobody to me. So, there's no any kepochee-ness of me.

That is what attitude mean! In my view okay. 

In summary, to understand one, you must know their personality instead of attitude. When some one is originally not like this but he turns into somebody like this, then you might need to think twice why he or she treat you in the opposite side of his personality.

" Personality is who i'm suppose to be, Attitude is who i suppose to act like. It depends on who you are.

Okay, goodnight! 

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